Chemtrail Billboard Goes Up in Canada – Killing Bees – We are Next

New Bye Bye Blue Sky Billboard Goes Up in Yorkton, Saskatchewan!!!


2 thoughts on “Chemtrail Billboard Goes Up in Canada – Killing Bees – We are Next

  1. WE need to do a similar thing about the proliferation of dangerous radiation, from cell towers to smart meters to baby monitors! Now with 5G coming not just the bees (it kills them too), extinction beckons to life on earth. The synergy with chem trails aggravates the harm of both!
    sign me:
    EHS in BC

  2. I keep telling people about chemtrails and how the bees are getting ‘alzheimers’ from the aluminum in their brains due to chemtrails. Like the above poster said, it’s some really bad synergy that is happening with the “death meters” being installed everywhere.
    People do need to know that honey bees were introduced from Europe hundreds of years ago. Nature abhors a vacuum. I see a lot of tiny pollinators that are picking up the slack. I know of two bee keepers, some of their hives were abandoned, and one of them said their hive split and was re-hived, but they’re getting senile thanks to Chemtrails. So glad that some billboards are being put up to raise awareness of the obvious chemtrails everywhere!

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