My Sky, My Choice! Get Your Chemtrail Protest Sign Now for $50

My Sky, My Choice! Get Your Chemtrail Protest Sign Now for $50

Awareness raising demonstration. This is so easy you can do it, too!

Our newly designed sign is 4ft x 4ft, easy to transport and handle on the streets. $50 includes 1  –  4×4 sign, cards,  DVD and includes shipping. Get yours today! Order here:

The url –  goes to the aircrap site.

Another American Hero BRINGIN’ THE NOISE AND DISTURBIN’ THE PEACE!! It takes A LOT of courage and LOVE FOR HUMANITY to do this and we salute Adam Boles  and may God bless him!

Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers post Thank you Kathleen Fitzgerald!!! Great video!!

4 thoughts on “My Sky, My Choice! Get Your Chemtrail Protest Sign Now for $50

  1. Please tweet President Trump daily add this on a retweet of 1 of his tweets….just copy and save this to do daily, it’s getting worse. Tweet the Pres. this… STOP the Real Terrorism of Chemtrails/HARRP. Stop the poisoning of Americans.

  2. Good idea to get the word out, I was posting signs and they were quickly ripped down. Can these attach to the backs of cars, trucks or vans?

    1. Jenny, I bolt these signs to the back of my company trucks to raise awareness! They are strong enough and hold up well in the elements!

  3. Trump is the swamp he does what he is told he follows the script and it says keep spraying he cares not about us wake up sheeple we are being systematically killed off and brain washed by the enemy which owns all the news and tv channels soon even you who think some ones coming to the rescue will cry

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