Check out the spraying in your area by date……..NASA Map.

July 3, 2018 map

Chemtrail Map

2 thoughts on “Chemtrail Map

  1. Sattelite Beach high has had a significant increase in the numbers of cancer, as some of the Bd Of ed members are starting to raise questions-I watched Brig Gen Monteith’s aircraft on their daily missions- I tried to entice him into a conversation, ( he is not responding -as I am told they are warned not to engage the public what-so-ever
    we will continue to alert the public as best we can with what little resources we have

    1. Chemtrails endanger life and impacts our human rights. President Trump has now a Executive Order that covers human rights. I believe he intends to stop the trails but has to secure other areas first in order to do this.

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