Sun. May 19th, 2019

Physician, Former House Rep, Lashes Out At Mandatory Vaccines ‘How Many Vaccines Are Too Many?’

Brandy Vaughan Ex-Pharma Insider - Vaccine Sales Down Legislate Mandates

Physician and former Texas House representative, Ron Paul MD, is known for waging war on those who oppose anyone’s rights of all sorts. Yesterday, Paul hosted his weekly podcast and dove into the issue of mandatory vaccinations. Paul is, as you’ve likely surmised, vehemently opposed to mandatory vaccination laws.

Additionally, Paul ask the question, “how many vaccines are too many?” Again, Paul is a physician.

The show created a major stir as those who somehow think that they can pick and choose their rights decidedly lashed out at Paul for not towing the mainstream agenda with vaccines.

All Medical Treatments (Including Vaccines) Should Be Voluntary

Watch the whole show below


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