NC Vaccine Rights Attorney Target of Big pHarma

NC Vaccine Rights Attorney Target of Big pHarma

Alan Phillips, J.D.  A Vaccine Rights Attorney Under Attack: Your Chance To Support Health Freedom

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Alan Phillips, J.D., ( the leading vaccine rights attorney in the U.S., has been a guest on the show before ( His practice focuses solely on vaccine exemptions and vaccine legislative activism. Now, he is being sued by the North Carolina State Bar, to force him to give them his clients’ private files, obviously an attempt to stop the movement for health freedom and vaccine choice. This would of course violate attorney-client privilege, and it seems to me to be a completely illegal attack by the State Bar, in collusion with corrupt vaccine industry interests. This kind of mob-style activity, being carried out by government agencies, drug industry and medical industry groups is being fueled and supported by an educational system that teaches vaccines are “safe and effective.” It is also sustained by media outlets saying the same thing. Hollywood plays its part with movies like “Outbreak” where Dustin Hoffman’s character saves the world with a vaccine, that both cures and prevents diseases, while real vaccines do neither of these things (…). Find out from Alan himself what is really going on in this attack on your health freedom, and what you can do to help.

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