Sacramento – 1st 5G Rollout in CA Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters

BY YCNIGHTINGALE – What is it going to take to produce the public outcry this warrants? Or is that outcry the very designed “chaos” they hope to achieve? Either way, people need to know what we are facing.

Sacramento will be the first city in the country to get 5G cell service later this summer, but health concerns are now being raised about the equipment.

Questions Raised About 5G Health Risks Months Before Sacramento Launches Service

Firefighters living next to cell towers suffer severe neurological damage. Emission levels were only .1% – .2% of FCC “safe” exposure limits


4 thoughts on “Sacramento – 1st 5G Rollout in CA Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters

  1. educate yoursleves and share this and then use your voices so your silence doesn’t kill us.

    1. I am typing this so I don’t remain silent; shocked & horrified re the danger of these mobile cell towers..Great informative video by this ex Telecommunications officer. Thank You For Your honesty in alerting the Community to the REAL DANGERS.. MAY YOUR VOICE BE HEARD FOR A LONG TIME TO COME.
      Interestingly …I have even seen 1 of these Cell Towers in the area not far from me and the One I am Thinking of is on the opposite side of a Mental Health facility for residents and nearby housing.

  2. They are putting these right next to schools! They’re trying to make kids and everyone else sick!
    This guy is a hero, though I’m sorry he got in trouble with it.
    I wrote to my rep. because they’re going to vote on this 5 G around here soon. God forbid this stuff keeps going around.

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