Insane Chemtrailing over Wexford Ireland – August 6 2018

Insane Chemtrailing over Wexford Ireland - August 6 2018

Terry Lawton, ‘Never seen it this bad before.’ Wexford is a town in the south-east of Ireland.

5 thoughts on “Insane Chemtrailing over Wexford Ireland – August 6 2018

  1. Doesn’t mean the SAI is for Ireland , HAARP will bend it to their desired target probably east of there . They’ve been using the injection in the Pacific to dry out California and hit parts of the Midwest , now that California has been burnt out the Rural Citizens , look for heavy SAI this winter and watch the massive Flooding to move even more Citizens into their ” UN Regions ” .

  2. It is pathetic that the bulk of the public does not even k now they have been marked for extinction. Now that There are limited fuel costs ( Nitrogen and O2 ) The other cavities in the aircraft are most probably being used for housing Tanks and spray equipment.

  3. That is beyond INSANE !!! What’s really insane also is the pilots flying around dumping this shit down on to us and their homes as well, poisoning their family’s . WTF WTF could they be thinking or not using their noodle at all , just flying around smiling about the big bucks they’re making, opening those valves , brainwashed that their doing a great deed for ”GLOBAL WARMING” and their names will be in history. Maybe they have an ace in the hole, or perhaps that’s what they been told. money is nothing when everything’s been destroyed, IDIOTS !!!

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