Climate Deniers Next Subject to be Censored…..

Climate Deniers Next Subject to be Censored.....

After banning Alex Jones, tech giants now pushed to ban all “climate deniers,” targeting those who recognize the junk science of global warming

(Natural News) The great social media purge of 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down: Now that Alex Jones has been banned, the left-wing is on a power trip — and they’re already demanding more censorship. Media Matters, a left-wing organization funded by George Soros, has already stepped up to the soapbox, calling out Facebook for allowing “climate deniers” to have space on the network.

Writing for The Guardian, Dana Nuccitelli also recently called out the social media giant, with a headline declaring, “Facebook video spreads climate denial misinformation to 5 million users.” She goes on to argue that fake news is still running amok at Facebook. The call to silence anyone who presents opposing information is strong, and it’s coming from a variety of fronts.

Climate science is far from settled

The truth is that there is plenty of science to support the notion that global warming as we’ve come to know it is a hoax. Earlier this year, a pair of climate experts re-assessed simulations carried out by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The team ultimately found the future impact of climate change was overstated by up to 45 percent.

In 2017, a shocking report revealed that climate scientists had been fudging temperature data to make climate change look more pronounced. The science on climate change is far from a settled matter. Multiple reports have shown that much of the science surrounding climate change has been tampered with in one way or another.

Science that contradicts previously held beliefs is not automatically “fake news.” If that were the case, we’d all still believe the Earth is flat. It is wrong to silence every point of view that doesn’t align with left-wing dogma. These are important studies and people have the right to know about them. People have the right to hear and see divergent opinions: It encourages critical thinking and independent thought.

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Perhaps that’s the real reason why the left wants to silence opposing views.

More censorship coming down the pike

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated in a recent interview that he does not support flat-out banning “climate denial” or similar ideas. He reportedly commented, “Our goal with fake news is not to prevent anyone from saying something untrue — but to stop fake news and misinformation spreading across our services. If something is spreading and is rated false by fact checkers, it would lose the vast majority of its distribution in News Feed.”

Zuckerberg espoused similar sentiments regarding InfoWars before banning him from the site. How long will it take for the Zuck to cave into the pressure from Democrats and left-wing organizations this time remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: The Left  doesn’t want conservatives to have any space to voice their opinions, at all.

As Media Matters writes, “Combating fake news is key to combating climate change. As an editorial in the journal Nature Communications argued last year, ‘Successfully inoculating society against fake news is arguably essential’ if major climate initiatives are to succeed. Facebook could be a big part of the solution.”

They go on to accuse Facebook of “kowtowing” to conservatives; it would seem the Left won’t be happy until the conservative voice has been erased from the internet entirely. The notion of inoculating society against certain points of view is particularly troublesome — it’s as if the Left is admitting they want to control what people think.

The censorship of Alex Jones was just the beginning. Now liberals want to censor climate science — what will come next, censoring pro-liberty speech?

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9 thoughts on “Climate Deniers Next Subject to be Censored…..

  1. Obama is out running around right now to other countries promoting Global Communism , he was proud to announce he had destroyed the American Republic , although he hadn’t really . Two hundred member states of the United Nations has signed into Agenda 2030 , which is just a Multinational Corporations form of Economic structure for a way to make Trillions in profits , forcing everyone into their designated Regions in every country around the Globe , a strategy was agreed to by these Multinational Corporations and the US Government for a complete Omni directional Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Program for Weather Control . Drought from keeping any moisture away from a target ( California ) or the agriculture in the middle East will move Humans where they desire . I highly doubt their Agenda is of concern for all individuals to prosper , or because the natural climate is changing without being injected with Chemicals . Everyone knows of the Denial and lack of information given to the Population . So it’s got to be a Lie , a Dark force put upon the World .

  2. Maybe they don’t want people talking about the weather manipulation and weaponization. Total control depends on controlling the fourth estate.

    1. ‘They’ want the internet to be like TV, spoon feed propaganda, fact checkers that agree with the corporate agenda, programmed consumers buying needless stuff.

      I was wondering when this would end, a library at your fingertips…

  3. I rember 911after the fact there were 1-3 k scientist and phd that found holes in 911 theory.I guess they were nonmason or non geek frat.

  4. Frederick Nietzsche once said that the majority of folks are wrong on the majority of subjects and boy if this isn’t proven correct, over and over again in today’s world! The so-called fact-checkers and “skeptic sites” are all about conformity to the power structure. Even those “busting” the top 20 conspiracies are wrong on most all counts! If the the Warren commission said it’s L.H.O….then…it is! If the 9/11 Commission said there was no evidence of explosives…it’s true (never mind they admit never checking for them, but now I’m being technical…sorry). If NASA accidentally destroyed 250,000 photos of our “moon landings,” well, that was just an honest mistake and would have NOTHING to do with the fact that we….never went to the moon.

    I mean people are so gullible! Science is no longer used to seek truth, otherwise, when Vitamin C and the Common Cold came out in 1970 (written of course, by Linus Pauling, Ph.D.), scientists could have actually READ this bestselling book. Instead, it was soundly ridiculed NOT because the author didn’t state facts, but because these were “inconvenient” facts. Never mind that vitamin C is the BEST thing for: (a) Preventing or treating most viral ailments, (b) Best Co-treatment for so-called AIDS, (c) Fool-proof way to prevent stretch marks (caused, b.t.w. by vitamin C deficiency during pregnancy), (d) Prevent SIDS (caused by vaccine-induced vitamin C deficiency and other causes. Go to for more detail) and (e) Help alleviate lower back pain better than any other treatment, unless pain is due to serious accident that needs surgery, (f) Prevent Aneurysms when used with proper doses of copper and, as if that weren’t enough, (g) prevent heart disease, when used with other anti-oxidants like vitamin E and selenium.

    So on just ONE topic: Vitamin C, we have seven areas totally ignored by the medical profession. So-called fact checkers are about conformity…they’re NOT about actually thinking. In other words, they’re not in the slightest about perspicacity in the pursuit of knowledge on any given topic.

    If we were to discuss the moon landings, we could easily give 25 inconsistencies with the official story. Only ONE inconsistency means we never went there. Twenty-five is way more than necessary. Just the same, we must decide are we “true believers,” (which means our belief will not change no matter what evidence is provided to us), OR are we “believers in the truth.” Too often we fall into the first category, not the second.

    As for the California fires, if we have just ONE inconsistency with the official story, then we know the official story can’t possibly be true. However, in this case (really hundreds of cases), we don’t have all the details. Just the same, we know that trees do NOT burn in forest fires from the inside out, and neither do they have markings that appear to be openings cut by some giant tree saw, “allowing” the flames to leap into the INSIDE of the tree while the exterior of the tree appears unscathed! Forest fires have NEVER done this to a tree, therefore, some OTHER explanation is necessary. Could it be microwaves? We don’t know, but one might want to ask whether or not there are any sources of such power. (Yes, there are many microwave transmitting centers on the west coast.) Also, we might want to map out WHICH homes HAD “Smart Meters” and which ones didn’t. Which ones “burnt to the ground,” and which ones didn’t. I sure hope some folks are gathering this information, as I’m just so angry and sad that so many families have lost their homes and all their worldly possessions. Perhaps folks in the area of Agenda 21 could REMOVE their smart meters before fleeing their homes, in the event of an evacuation order! My guess is that these “smart meters” are providing exact GPS coordinates to EACH home and this helps to explain why it appears all fires (for which video is available), seem to start on the wall directly adjacent to the smart meters–usually the garage. Maybe I’m wrong, so if so, just tell me.

  5. I left my job doing house painting to devote 3/4 time to FIGHT against weather manipulation. I can leave my website here as I’ve received ZERO donations since I launched it two months ago. Yup, not a cent. So I don’t feel I’m trying to get money from folks. What does “Americans Against Atmospheric Pharmacology” say? WAY MORE than most Americans can handle. Isn’t it funny that we have to “spoon feed” stuff to Americans, lest we offend them in some way? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Weather manipulation is a real threat and this morning (btw), I ran a race that was dedicated to fighting GeoEngineering of our weather. (Yes, I won my age group…..1st place…yeah!)

  6. Hello Admin…. I would like to propose a new page on your site: DAILY NEWS and REBUTTAL. In EVERY daily paper, each article–almost no exceptions–is propaganda. I recently took one issue of my local newspaper, yup, one day, and took the top five articles and explained how ALL were propaganda! (By this, we mean, of course, errors of omission and errors of commission.) Anyway, it might have to be a separate page, as there are so many regional papers. But we need to make sure folks learn how to detect nonsense. It’s easy, once you learn how.

  7. Climate deniers…
    Well, in Australia we’ve got Dr. David Evans who was a consultant of that VERY Dept of GLOBAL WARMING, telling people that it is a SCAM!!

    See his speech in Perth, half way through the page

    or read the transcript,

    Yet, many Aussies still believe in the criminals’ lie.. SO pathetic.
    And we need everyone to understand this Global warming SWINDLE to realize their Weather Weapons are real.

    Tell your youth that these clouds/sky are NOT NATURAL!!

  8. First it was ‘peak oil’ they were whining about. Never happened. Then it was ‘acid rain’, which they shut up about because it would make people start to analyze the rain water and gee, they can’t have THAT happening, can they? Then it was “global warming’, which is total BS anyway, we’re having a very uncharacteristic COLD summer around here. Oh, so they jump to an ambiguous term, “climate change’. It’s amazing how if they repeat the same lies over and over people start to believe them.
    The real sites that aren’t the ‘controlled opposition’ like infowars and natural news are not getting all the hype. The ones that have been wiped are the ones that aren’t controlled. just got canned by wordpress a few days ago, ironically I had to go on facebook (which I do not belong to for obvious reasons) to find out the details. That’s the problem with the Rockefeller mentality “Competition is a sin”, because the demons at the top eat up the competition, take it over, get too big and too bad and then this is what happens. You get a pyramid effect. Then they take control and wipe out stuff like free speech.
    If you still think the good ol’ US of A is still a free country, think again. Suppression of free speech is NOT the mark of a free country.
    Then you stick the “protocols” in there (see “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” by Victor Mardsen), and you get the present state of affairs for the entire globe.
    I would love to move my wordpress blog to some place that values free speech, but are there any? That is what I would like to know. Since TURDpress deleted FOTM, I don’t really like patronizing them anymore.

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