Monsanto – Unanimous Historic Verdict! Guilty! $289 Million

Monsanto - Unanimous Historic Verdict! Guilty! $289 Million

JFK Jr. ‘The verdict in this case gives me tremendous faith in the future of American democracy and our justice system!’

The company denies that glyphosate is dangerous and says it will appeal.

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A San Francisco jury returned a verdict today in the case of a former groundskeeper with terminal cancer against Monsanto Company, ordering the agrochemical giant to pay $39.2 million in compensatory damages and $250 million in punitive damages for failing to warn consumers that exposure to Roundup weed killer causes cancer.

Dewayne “Lee” Johnson filed the lawsuit (case no. CGC-16-550128) against St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. on Jan. 28, 2016, alleging exposure to the Roundup herbicide he sprayed while working as a groundskeeper for the Benicia Unified School District caused him to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

For years Monsanto has claimed that there is no evidence that Roundup causes cancer, yet a mountain of testimony and documents was admitted during the trial. Johnson’s attorneys proved through testimony from Monsanto’s witnesses that company employees “ghostwrote” scientific articles and paid outside scientists to publish the articles in their name.

“Many of these confidential Monsanto documents were unsealed for the first time,” co-lead counsel David Dickens said. “They show that Monsanto knew that its testing was insufficient and that there was a synergistic effect when glyphosate is combined with surfactants which help the glyphosate penetrate both plant and animal cell walls.”

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A San Francisco jury ordered chemical giant Monsanto pay $289 million to a former groundskeeper who said their weedkiller contributed to his cancer. Jurors ruled the product contributed to his cancer and Monsanto should have provided a warning of the potential health hazard. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports.

5 thoughts on “Monsanto – Unanimous Historic Verdict! Guilty! $289 Million

  1. Great news, but it could take years for the appeals. Now Mr. Johnson will be killed by the chemo for sure.
    And what about all the children exposed at the school where he worked?

  2. In my opinion, Monsanto is the “poster child” of the heartless corporation that ONLY cares about maximum profits. Their CEO should–in my opinion–just apologize to the victim and agree to pay ALL victims. Also, they should agree to remove Round-Up from the market ALL AROUND the world, forthwith. I think that word means pronto! Just the same, congratulations IS in order to Mr. Johnson. It surely will give hope to hundreds (thousands) of other victims of this horrendous poison. Why DO we add poison to our crops, soil and waterways anyway? Isn’t that stupid?

  3. And so the evil giant caught a rock in the head! If you do the math, all of the lawsuits pending could amount to a trillion dollars!

  4. I hope more people sue Monsatan or Bayer or whatever their name is now! 🙂 Great news! The poor guy though, he’s probably doing the typical medicalized murder for cancer ‘treatment’, toxic drugs, radiation and surgery to spread the tumors.
    Too bad all the cancer cures are suppressed.
    Great news though! Ha, and my family always gave me a hard time because I don’t want my kids eating poisoned (non organic) foods. And two of them got cancer, but I’m sure it’s just coincidence….
    Stubborn and wrong people drive me NUTS.

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