Democrats Plotting To Take Over Entire Internet

Democrats Plotting To Take Over Entire Internet

As Big Tech’s All-Out War Upon Independent Media Claims Another Website

– Deep State Mouthpiece Claiming President Trump Is ‘Fake News’ And A ‘Troll Bot’ Proves They’re All Living In An Alternative Reality

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
In this alarming new story over at Armstrong Economics that Zero Hedge republished on Monday, they report that Senate Democrats led by Virginia Senator Mark Warner are circulating a proposal for EU-style censorship of the internet here in America based upon their claim that ‘Russian hacking’ will completely take over the internet and social media to influence US elections.

Titled “Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms“, Armstrong reports the entire regulation is based upon the ‘blame the Russians for everything‘ delusion and claims made by Democrats and the MSM that Russians are ‘deliberately spreading disinformation‘.

Warner’s paper suggests outlawing companies who fail to label bots and impose Draconian criminal penalties and huge fines.”

Reporting that once drawn up if passed and signed into law, this bill would effectively end all of our freedoms here in America as government would have full control over the information that is published online and if a story is published that points out massive Hillary Clinton, deep state or government corruption, it can be taken down, with the rats attributing it to ‘Russian bots’, we remind you that according to one ‘Deep State’ bot project called Bot Sentinel, even President Donald Trump himself is considered to be one of the biggest purveyor’s of ‘fake news’ on Twitter and the internet.

And as we see detailed below, another independent media outlet has been taken offline with ‘The Fellowship Of The Minds’ website deleted completely in just the latest ‘big tech’ hit against alternative news outlets that go against the ‘official narrative’ being peddled by the enemies of the American people, the mainstream media. With Infowars now also offline due to massive cyber attacks according to this Alex Jones tweet and a visit to their website took us to their cloudfare page, the clock is clearly ticking.

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