Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

The Men and Women Fighting Chemtrails

Men and Women Fighting Chemtrails

Kathleen Fitzgerald Taking a very important DVD, The Men and Women fighting CHEMTRAILS International Edition to The Skamania County Sheriff, Dave Brown. FaceBook

Buy DVD here   – DVD is $25 donation, two DVDs is $40 donation and three DVDs is $50 donation. Add a note that you want to purchase DVDs, with your shipping address.

Lost Arts Radio Geo-engineering Protest At Weather Channel HQ – Aired January 2015


4 thoughts on “The Men and Women Fighting Chemtrails

  1. My only problem with your words is that you guys imagine these Elites and our Government are actually smart enough to be devious. Chemtrails are not (as yet) directly being done to kill us peons off. They are doing this to beat the competition (China, Russia…etc.) to be the OWNER of the weather. Powerful ‘weapon’. They are not worried about us mass peoples. They operate on the fact we are coddled, sissified, weak and not at all militant about losing our freedoms and we believe all their lies so easily! If what they do makes us unhealthy so much the better!? That is like getting two birds with one stone or however that cliche is worded. Please be careful with wording your titles so that we aren’t making us peoples looks like ‘conspiracy nuts’. Stay with showing the facts without inflammatory words, like main stream medias and the alternative medias of low credibility are doing. Don’t become an ‘Enquirer’?

    1. Chemtrails As An ‘Exotic Weapon’ is legal term defined in HR 2977 2001.

      Any subject matter that does not agree with the US Corp party line is a ‘conspiracy theory’ coined by 3 letter agencies after A Nightmare on Elm Street, coup d’état, JFK murder, Nov 22, 1963 for folks that questioned the official story.

      Geoengineering is a board term, diverting rivers, cutting down forests, etc. where as chemtrail is legally defined – Rep. Kucinich’s HR 2977 Names Chemtrails As An ‘Exotic Weapon’ in 2001.

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