Tue. Sep 17th, 2019

California – Who Set the State on Fire?

California - Who Set the State on Fire?

“The fires are now a part of our more ordinary … and it’s going to get worse,” California Gov. Jerry Brown, … Brown predicts fire seasons that will continue.”



Never Lose Truth Channel https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscrip…

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Never Lose Truth Channel https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions/UCjyfNfv5DcTtQRICAngdujw

4 thoughts on “California – Who Set the State on Fire?

  1. Looks like youtube did something to the video ! likely , because the Trump Bashing and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Program is all done by Multinational Corporations for the Democratic World Order . Anyone that gets in their way is eliminated one way or another .

  2. Disgusting Weather Manipulation killing and damaging a lot in Japan as we speak after the incredible heat kiled over 200, was it?

    And when (NATURAL) weather is to go from the West to the East, these manipulated typhoons go from the East to the West, and when they are usually to proceed to the West in about 30 degrees or so, instead almost close to 90 degrees (UP instead of RIGHT) so that it can attack the entire country. In JP lingo, but you can see the images all right.

    Who set all the shocking weather?

  3. Also, while I think this man should be on the FAKE authority side, why has that rostrum got a poster of “Democracy Now!”??

    Hope you guys (who are reading this) know that Amy Goodman is a Gatekeeper along with Noam Chomsky. She was very close from WTC7 but never speaks what she saw. And Chomsky said, “Who cares who killed JFK!?” and denied 9/11 truth.

  4. Oh, it was…

    > why has that rostrum got a poster of “Democracy Now!”??

    I assume it was a footage from “Democracy Now!”

    > incredible heat kiled over 200, was it?

    Over 200 could have been the horrific downpour by the Weather Weapons.
    Either way, it is just another mass murder.

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