Here’s what a funeral director learned about vaccines in his 40-year long career

Here’s what a funeral director learned about vaccines in his 40-year long career
By Staff Reporter: He then said that he knows damn well that he has had babies who had died from vaccines in there. He has been an undertaker for over 35 years and his father was a funeral director and passed his business on to him, so he has been in and around the business his whole life. When he was young and was helping and being trained by his father, around 40 years ago, he said that crib death was EXTREMELY rare. It was so rare that his father had only ever seen 2 cases in his entire career and the babies were born sickly and had failure to thrive.
He noticed sometime in the 80’s that it started to become quite common to get babies in there, who supposedly died of “SIDS”. He couldn’t understand why there was such a sudden increase in infant deaths. He started to put two and two together when he had a couple tell them that their baby was vaccinated just before she died and they knew that it was what caused their baby’s death.  The next few times he had babies in their he had asked the parents if their baby was by any chance recently vaccinated and in every case they all said yes.  He has never had a baby in there that was unvaccinated, except for one that was a still birth.  I asked him if he has ever had a kid in there that died from polio, measles or chickenpox?
He said neither him or his father have ever seen or heard of any other undertaker friends who have had a death related to any of those illnesses, even before there was vaccine for them. He then told me that once he started looking into vaccines, he found that they include formaldehyde (the embalming chemical)  as an ingredient,  among many other equally as carcinogenic and neurotoxic ingredients.  I knew this already but it was still cool hearing it come from an undertaker who knows all about these chemicals and what effects they have on our bodies.  He has never vaccinated his kids and his kids don’t vaccinate his grand kids.  Think about that for a second, he and his father had never seen a baby or kid that had died of polio, measles or chicken pox, even before they ever had a vaccine to “prevent” these illnesses. He HAS had babies in there who suddenly died directly and mysteriously after vaccines.

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  2. Children rarely used to die of cancer in the old days, unless their country had been contaminated by heavy metals and things from world wars or pollution from factories (see “Animal Pharm” by Mark Purdy) . I asked my family members who are in their 70’s and 80’s if they ever remember their childhood friends dying of cancer and not one of them did. And, they grew up in polluted mill towns! What is the difference? Few to no vaccines for children, and if they were not impoverished they ate grass fed meat and lots of fats and organ meats, which help protect against cancer. They did have DDT sprayed- which cause polio of course.
    These mothers and parents who blindly trust their doctors that are following the propaganda pharmaceutical companies ‘teachings’ are creating misery for their children and themselves, as they deal with the fall out of their children dying or damaged from these toxic vaccines. Then if their kids survive, they feed them the government nutrition advice of grains, fruits, toxic canola and GMO soy drenched non-food trash because the food pyramid or My Plate said it’s “Good for You”. The results are childhood obesity, diabetes, impacted teeth, poor vision and problems with learning. Dr. Weston Price did the research, also Royal Lee and Dr. Pottenger did experiments on animals that showed feeding them poorly (like the government advice) will end up with an eventual extinction within several generations. Dr. Pottenger’s cat experiments showed that after eating a certain diet the female cats became vicious, the males became lethargic and very ‘un cat like’, and the kittens if they survived at all were very frail and had deformed faces (due to bad parental nutrition). The food pyramid and all this awful advice about ‘healthy eating’ from the government and their permutations are a sneaky way to destroy the populations, it’s stealth eugenics at its worst.

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