Weather & Water Weaponized

Our friend Deborah Tavares returns to SGT Report to discuss the California “wild” fires, DEW’s, the manipulation and weaponization of weather – and water. You won’t believe what the criminals have planned for your Agenda 21 future.

Video source  SGTreport

2 thoughts on “Weather & Water Weaponized

  1. There’s nothing anyone can do at this point , the actors in this Global Economic Order are many , we will have to live our lives out knowing what they’re doing to us , and try not to let it mentally break us down . Smile and take it , good luck to everyone that knows what’s going on !

    1. I have presented not one but TWO SOLUTIONS on my blog and I’ve been using them myself. AFAIK, I am the only one truther who is offering any solution that actually WORKS.

      And I asked an independent journalist, American, pretty famous among our kind of people, and another independent radio host, again fairly well-known, to tell their followers/listeners my solutions.

      They are CHICKENS.
      The former clearly told me (or implied) that he is scared to get killed.
      The second the same, basically though he didn’t say, while he was willing to invite me to get on his show to talk about 9/11.

      I REALLY WISH either Ted Gunderson or Bill Cooper still alive.
      I bet they would have joined me, helped me to spread these solutions so that we can beat Illuminati once and for all!!

      One of them is using their fraud of and I HAVE WON. So I KNOW it works. Another is that they don’t want us to know. Even if you don’t have any courage like I do, you can at least say this Secret everyday with real emotion of joy and gratitude and I KNOW this works too.

      Anyone, willing to help me spreading the word!???
      I won’t just sit and wait like you Rick, to get killed.
      And I don’t want to think that Americans have turned into all CHICKENS.

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