Amusing Global Warming Climate Change Hoax Rants

Amusing Global Warming Climate Change Rants

Humorous rant, highlighting the fear mongering bullying tactics to force folks into paying carbon taxes for the ‘global warming’ hoax. Warning no maple syrup for pancakes, no chocolate in 30 years, then when these arguments didn’t work, the internet will be shut down and lastly, jail time for climate deniers…..

Schwarzenegger used private jet for daily commutes to California’s governor’s mansion

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he has plans to sue oil companies because he claims that they ‘knowingly killed people all over the world’.

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists

Rising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report

2 thoughts on “Amusing Global Warming Climate Change Hoax Rants

  1. At my favorite market, MaMa Jean’s Natural Market, an employee pointed out that Chemtrails appear to have been discontinued since Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.. I hadn’t taken notice locally, but there seems to be both confrimation and disagreement about this. It needs to be examined and discussed. I stopped watching the skies, but chem trails are ralated to our wild fires, our storms, and definately to the pollution of earth and illnesses. etc. This pullout, may, or may not affect the idonospheric heaters.which are redesigning our ionosphere which directs solar winds and our weather, and is the protector of Earth against damaging radiation.

    Most of us who are Earth Protectors, automatically start raving about pulling out of anything that suggests non-support of Climate Change, but we need to take a close look at programs which are titled to get support but actually are against what we want. Trump said the US was paying for the Spraying Programs and if he has stopped funding to stop spraying, we need to support this.

    We now identify Trump as the problem and Democrats as the Savior. I abhor the environmental destruction under Trump. I abhor the incareration of children. However, the USA spent millions to install a Neo Nazi rigime in Ukraine while the Democrats were in power. Those include but are not limited to Victoria Nuland, John McCatin,, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, etc.

    We have endured the worst administration that I have seen in my 82 years on Earth, but it will be in vain if we are foolish enough to fall into the same pendulem swing from one evil to another and not recognize that it is the system and that needs changing. Cornell West, Chris Hedges, Michel Chossudovsky, recongize this, I believe, but if the spraying of deadly chemcials has been halted, we need to support Trump’s efforst. The weaponization of weather has been a military objective and reality for decades. Outlawed in the last millenia by the UN as a crime, people have been afraid to even learn about it without being labeled a conspiracy theorist., popular CIA controlling tool using ridicule. I could care less what I am labled, but it makes me angry that people are so gullible while that has gone on for decades. Has Trump done a good thing here by citing financial reasons?

  2. that is strange. i too used to observe the sky for chemtrails. havent been able to do it much lately. but when i have, i have seen few if any chemtrails. certainly not to the extent that i used to see. this apparent lull does coincide with the time of the trump administration.

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