Chemtrails – Senior EPA Official Admits USAF Involved in Aerosol Spraying Program

Chemtrails - Senior EPA Official Admits USAF Involved in Aerosol Spraying Program

2013 – Senior EPA Official Admits USAF Involved in Aerosol Spraying Program – no EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) submitted by USAF, EPA relied upon Air Force talking points. Alexandra May Hunter  – focus on the dangers and impacts of Geoengineering programs worldwide 

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Alexandra May Hunter – Contact Ms. Jolie Diane of Jolie has been successful working with folks in several states including Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Colorado, Washington and Oregon to name a few. Her approach is at the state sovereignty level for introducing bills/ laws to prohibit all forms of geoengineering/5G. For serious people that have the skills, wherewithal and tenacity to deal with state level legislators/politicians this approach can be successful.

For State remedies Contact Legal:

5 thoughts on “Chemtrails – Senior EPA Official Admits USAF Involved in Aerosol Spraying Program

  1. I believe Monsanto is responsible for Morgellons , and that the CDC was running cover for them by delegitimizing
    the disease which ultimately was “spawned” in their labs to create genetically altered plants-They recently got hit with a huge lawsuit for their “Roundup” ” another winner”-

  2. Non Government Organizations like the Rockefeller’s designations since 1913 , are giving our Military orders , the Regional Planning Association , is gaining ground ! you can see it through heavy populations of our existing towns and Mega Cities , and the US Army ( Jade Helm ) will be the Police for these Regions , Climate Change is the foundation of the Reasoning behind this Rockefeller Agenda , but in reality , it’s just a Global Economic Plan for Multinational Corporations ! The US Air Force has said ” They Will Own the Weather by 2025 ” . If you put everything together , there is no real Climate Change , it’s just their only tool they have to pull off the biggest scam in the history of the World !

  3. I have contacted Senator John Thune (R) at his Washingto office # 202-224-2321, and left message with his staffer, That as the Committee chair Of The Science and TechnologyCommittee, that he is in violation of appropriating funding for a Weapon of war-( Not a Global warming mitigation) and that as such I will hold him Personally Liable for damage done to my person, homestead, and occupants in my home and under my charge .
    That The Violations are Manifold, from HR 2977 ,To THe International accords on Chemical Warfare, and further Public Law 105-85 Page 287(b) We need people to ” continue” to harass these responsible parties for what can only be termed as an Overt act Of Genocide against the People of the United States as well as assisting in proliferating these criminal policies world-wide

  4. These chemtrails are pure poison! They have been found to contain heavy metals, microbials and toxic contaminants. I think it is probably more for population control than weather modification.

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