Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Vaccine Obstruction Case Forwarded To DOJ

Latest update – While this language may seem like a formality, it moves Kennedy’s case into a higher department in the DOJ’s chain. This means further exposure and deeper scrutiny. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has just received a letter from Deputy Inspector General William Blier regarding the petition stating:

“Based on our review, we have determined that your letter contains allegations of misconduct by Department of Justice attorneys in the course of their representing the Department of Health and Human Services in connection with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Accordingly, we are required by law to refer your allegations to the OPR. We have provided your letter and accompanying materials to OPR for action it determines to be appropriate.” Read more:

Follow up to 10/11/2018 post Misconduct by Vaccine Court – Omnibus Autism Proceedings


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