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Brave Mom Exposes Vaccine Corruption To WA Board of Health

Brave Mom Exposes Vaccine Corruption To WA Board of Health

Bernadette Pajer of Informed Choice Washington gave the WA Board of Health a lashing for its complicity in the vaccine industry’s plan to force vaccinate every man, woman and child on this planet. This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! And, please share!

Video link: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=OS3MD13RK578


We, the parents and doctors and professionals of Informed Choice Washington have been attempting to bring the latest science on vaccines and discoveries about the human immune system to the various public health agencies of Washington State, especially to the Department of Health. In doing so, we thought we would be beginning a genuine discussion that would lead to change that would align vaccination policy with known vaccine limitations and risks and unintended consequences to protect individuals and the public.

Instead, we have discovered a network of government and drug industry entanglement so complex and so richly funded, they form a pervasive, tightly woven fabric consisting of literally thousands of groups, all working together toward just one thing: increasing vaccination uptake. And that fabric includes those working in public health at the Department of Health.

Since 1999, AIM, the Association of Immunization Managers, has been in close collaboration with the drug industry. In 2002, AIM’s Memo of Understanding set forth a policy of information sharing between state health departments and pharmaceutical representatives and lobbyists.

According to their memo, in every state and territory in the U.S., and I quote, “health departments will accommodate “and allow for information sharing “between their programs and the pharmaceutical companies. “Such sharing may be through individual meetings, “educational seminars, or electronic communication, “like telephone and email.” They partner on projects, review each other’s communications and hold annual meetings together and most of it is paid by the pharmaceutical companies. While we, the general public and concerned parents, are limited to three or five minutes of public testimony, drug companies are given access to the Department of Health information, given opportunities to have meetings and seminars and phone calls.

We submit pages and pages of recent, peer-reviewed, published scientific data revealing that the information posted on the Department of Health website and the materials they distribute are in critical need of editing and updating to keep the public safe, no matter what their vaccination choice, and we are ignored. Worse, our efforts to improve safety, to improve informed consent and to protect medical freedom are looked at with disdain, with eye-rolling, and with drug industry-funded education of Department of Health immunization employees.

Showing them, in their last conference in June, how they can legally lobby and press for their agenda, and their agenda includes the elimination of all non-medical exemptions. At the July 19th Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting, Dr. Doug Opel was invited to present on vaccine hesitancy and to provide advice on approaches providers can use to compel a hesitant parent or patient into being vaccinated.

It is unethical and completely out of the scope of Department of Health’s work to go beyond the general recommendations on vaccination and step into the middle of the doctor-patient relationship. It is unethical and outside the scope of DOH’s work to teach doctors how to convince and coerce their patients instead of encouraging them to understand their patients’ individual risks and give them the information needed to exercise fully informed medical consent.

Michelle Roberts is Washington state’s Director of Immunization and she is now Chair-Elect of AIM, the Association of Immunization Managers. At the conference in June, she and two others from our own DOH were taught how to, oh I think I already read that. Oh, so she was shown a list of informed consent, medical freedom and health advocates, people like me, as if we are her enemies and they are told, quote “they are facing a tightly coordinated effort.” People like me using tactics such as, gasp, visiting our elected officials and attending public meetings today. They consider this a tactic, to exercise my American right to speak to you all.

Michelle Roberts and every single immunization program head in every single state has a mission to remove our human right to medical choice, to silence the very real risks and limitations of vaccines and they are doing so with the full support, collaboration and education of Pfizer and Merck and GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi and Danavex, Dynavax, AstraZeneca and Seqirus, who were all there at the conference in June.

This must stop. We are asking you, Secretary Wiesman, for a meeting to discuss this very critical issue. Thank you.

– Thank Mrs. Pager.

Source: http://www.stopmandatoryvaccination.com/vaccine-free/brave-mom-exposes-vaccine-corruption-to-wa-board-of-health/

4 thoughts on “Brave Mom Exposes Vaccine Corruption To WA Board of Health

  1. They have entirely corrupted the medical profession(if we could now call it one) as well as Big Pharma-“If you want to remain in the practice , you either play ball with the “Cabal leadership” or find another form of “slavery”
    to exist-

  2. I wonder if she got to meet with him? I find it especially foreboding that they’re treating those people who are trying to protect the public from these poisons as ‘enemies’.

    Except for ER doctors, the other ones are not taught to heal or cure anyone. They are just drug pushers and in some cases murderers. The present state of the drug docs and the entire allopathic medical establishment was already planned over 100 years ago, read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, (translated by Victor Mardsen) for proof.

    Anytime I hear about a “race for the cure’ for cancer or whatever epidemic disease so called “modern” science has failed miserably to cure, I wonder to myself- How long will it be before the masses of people wake the F up and realize that there WILL be no “cure” from the medical association? That, as one researcher who found a cure was told by his superior, “We are paid to look for cures, NOT to find them.”

    Cures, natural ones, ARE out there for MANY diseases! But don’t even bother asking your friendly neighborhood drug pushing doctor, for they know NOTHING about curing. It’s just not profitable. And, they don’t teach that in medical school.

    It comes down to this- they are not vaccinating for the health of anyone. They are vaccinating for the death of us all. THAT is why they’re so well funded and influential. That is why they are forcing nurses and other “health” care personnel in our state and others to get all these shots (and they are getting sick too, gee wonder why), to make it look like these shots are so “good” for us.
    If that was the case and all these medical meddlers were so expert at healing all of these profoundly sick and decrepit people out there, then why are the people in the US so drastically UN healthy? The US is one of the biggest spenders in the world on “health” care and has the sickest number of people, an incredibly high infant mortality rate (worse than some third world countries!), and an autism rate climbing by the minute.

    Any person out there that thinks that the health department or doctors should be listened to, let alone followed needs to have an EEG to check that their head isn’t completely hollow!!!

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