Apple’s 5G iPhone to Use Extremely High Frequency Band – Same as Directed Energy Weapon

Apple’s 5G iPhone to Use Extremely High Frequency Band - Same as Directed Energy Weapon

Apple’s 5G iPhone to Arrive in 2020 – Many wireless carriers, including Verizon and AT&T in the U.S., will initially rely on millimeter-wave spectrum (between 28 gigahertz and 39 Ghz) to connect the first 5G phones. But millimeter-wave signal requires some heavy lifting from the modem chips and RF chains, our source explains.


Extremely high frequency

EHF 11 30–300 GHz 10–1 mm Radio astronomy, high-frequency microwave radio relay, microwave remote sensing, amateur radio, directed-energy weaponmillimeter wave scanner, wireless LAN (802.11ad)


4 thoughts on “Apple’s 5G iPhone to Use Extremely High Frequency Band – Same as Directed Energy Weapon

  1. Not only that, I recall recent video of body scanners in the terahz band, which they claim are benign, but an article from a defense contractor magazine back in the 80’s reported a military rife weapon that could drop a man from 2 miles, rheostatically controlled, for stun or kill, also in the tHz. In other words, it’s just a matter of
    applied current.

  2. HOW do we stop this?? CAN we stop this??

    I have done everything that I can think of so far to wake people up, it’s like mass hypnosis so far. I’ve written to my lousy ‘govt representatives’, and that has gotten me nowhere fast. I’ve told everyone I know (who still talks to me, all the zombies are on facebook and that’s basically the only way they socialize nowadays). That basically does nothing, one got very upset with me because I was intruding on her version of reality. I told my dad about how the WIFI and crap from his computer is making a red zone in the whole house, I told him all he has to do is get a flipping ETHERNET cable and a land line for all the cordless phones. He ignored me and started talking about something else. Is everyone else already mind controlled when it comes to deth phones??!?! I am beginning to suspect that is true.

    I finally broke down and bought an RF meter from We are all getting zapped, not just from smart meters but from every cell tower in the vicinity, any time you go ANYWHERE where there is a cell phone, satellite TV, WIFI or cordless phones. When we were driving down the roads, it was like constant exposure! Every car or vehicle that went past us was zapping us. I could tell all the cars that had cell phones or blue tooth or GPS in them, they all set off the RF meter.

    Verizon and AT&T are demonic organizations. You can see it in their trademarks, the swishes are rings of Saturn (stylized of course), and those in the know know that Saturn is a representation of Mr. D. Evil.

    This is the planned destruction of humanity! We are being attacked on every single front you can think of! Childhood cancer is either the first or second leading cause of death in children today! 50 years ago almost NO child got cancer! The GMO’s, xenoestrogens and the thousands of other synthetic chemicals introduced into our food supplies don’t help. Peoples’ bones are getting thinner (thank the SAD diet, no fat listen to the food pyramid and MyPlate government BS for that, also pasteurized un-natural milk and sugar a plenty consumption too), you can go on youtube and see kids in their 20’s having their arms get broken from just arm wrestling! Yep, that’s all! My BIL broke his leg simply from walking down a flight of stairs! No, he didn’t trip and fall, he wasn’t carrying a heavy load, he was delivering pizzas!

    Start to read Revelations in the Bible. My heart breaks for humanity at what is coming, but in the end God wins. We have to focus on that. Ask Jesus for help. He does answer prayers.

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