Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Senate Richard Pan – Vaccine Zealot Re-elected as Autism Rates Climb in California

Senate Richard Pan - Vaccine Zealot Re-elected as Autism Rates Climb in California

Sad day for California, Richard Pan truly evil, insidious corporate-run demon who endangers the health and lives of millions of children in California. Pan sponsored SB277 and signed into law by Governor, California to deny vaccine exemptions for school children Tuesday, June 30, 2015.


BREAKING NEWS October 29, 2018

Senator Pan – Proclaims An End To ALL California Medical Exemptions


Joshua Coleman provides a recap of the events.

Autism rates in California public schools jumped 7 percent in 2016.

More than 97,000 California public school students have been diagnosed as autistic, a number that has risen seven-fold since 2001 according to the latest special education data from the California Department of Education.

2 thoughts on “Senate Richard Pan – Vaccine Zealot Re-elected as Autism Rates Climb in California

  1. Voting doesn’t do anything, they control all heads of the hydra (see Juri Lina’s book “Architects of Deception”). It’s the same thing in our state, the same complete morons keep getting voted in. Pan is aptly named, he’s the horned god of perversions! He also looks like he’s a mind controlled zombie.
    Parent’s have to wake up (if they can), do the research and get their heads out of their behinds and look at REALITY for a change! Start homeschooling your kids, stop being a “consumer” and start to actually PARENT. Take responsibility for your kids! They are yours, not the states! Or at least that’s the way the official lie goes.
    Move the heck out of California if you can’t home school your children.

  2. One of my relatives has a child just like the one in this video, it’s absolutely heart breaking what MED. INC has done to all these kids and their parents and basically society! The parents are stressed from the time their kids wake up until they go to sleep. One of the things that has helped is different Bach flower remedies, like Rescue remedy and some other ones. Autism can be reversed in some cases and improved in others, but it takes a lot of effort. It would be worth it for these parents to look into! The earlier the better.
    Basically if a child is born prematurely in a hospital, if they have a vaccine happy medical staff, the poor child will be doomed to get autism (preemie birth is usually due to very bad dietary habits, such as the mother being into veganism/vegetarianism and eating nasty processed foods and not eating good foods like ancient peoples ate (and they didn’t have autism!). Check out Dr. Weston A. Price’s research and ancient dietary wisdom for anyone who wants to raise a healthy child IN SPITE of their doctor (also a title from Dr. Robert Mendelsohn’s book- one of the rare doctors that was very against vaccines and medical meddling back in the 1980’s).

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