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Senator Pan – Proclaims An End To ALL California Medical Exemptions

Senator Pan - Proclaims An End To ALL California Medical Exemptions

The vaccine agenda and paid off politicians do not care how many children are harmed, maimed or killed by vaccination so long as the liability free vaccine industry continues to profit off of our vulnerable children. If you are not yet involved in this fight to preserve medical freedom, get involved NOW, before it is too late.  Read more:


October 29, 2018

Sacramento, CA – Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and state senator representing the Sacramento area, co-authored a commentary released today in Pediatrics, a journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics along with Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a UC Hastings law professor.

To view the commentary, go here: or see below.

Dr. Richard Pan Pens Commentary on Outcome of Legislation he authored in 2015, Senate Bill 277 Which Eliminated the Personal Belief Exemption

The Pediatrics commentary highlights the increase of vaccine rates since the passage of SB 277 in 2015, which abolished all nonmedical exemptions in California.

However, the commentary also examines the rise of doctor-granted medical exemptions. Since the passage of the law, medical exemptions have more than tripled, with some schools reporting that 20 percent of their students have medical exemptions, revealing that many students received them inappropriately.

“Granting medical exemptions is an administrative, public health function that the state has chosen to delegate to physicians, however the practice of granting exemptions isn’t the practice of medicine—there is no treatment or diagnosis of illness,” said Dr. Richard Pan. “Since the state delegates this public health authority to physicians, the state should also be able to revoke the duty—and in fact, they should be able to retroactively revoke previously granted medical exemptions that are based upon abuse of authority.”

Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wyoming have chosen to involve their departments of public health in the process of granting medical exemptions of vaccines.

“There aren’t a lot of physicians granting fraudulent exemptions, but it only takes a few. Physicians are providing exemptions because it is a lucrative business,” added Dr. Pan.

Measles was declared eliminated from the United States in 2000.  However, in the same year, the disgraced author of a fraudulent paper published in The Lancet in 1998, which the medical journal later retracted, appeared on a 60 Minutes broadcast falsely claiming the MMR vaccine caused autism.  Stoked by unfounded anxiety about vaccines, personal belief exemptions to legally required vaccines for school entry rose in California until the implementation of AB 2109, which Dr. Richard Pan authored in 2012 which required parents be counseled about the impact of personal belief exemptions on their child’s health and that of the community. After the measles outbreak that began at Disneyland, which infected 136 people and the 2010 pertussis outbreak in California which lead to the death of 10 infants, Dr. Richard Pan and Senator Ben Allen authored SB 277 in California.  Source:



6 thoughts on “Senator Pan – Proclaims An End To ALL California Medical Exemptions

  1. I dont live in California, but will spread the word. There must be some good medical arguments against this madman’s assertion. With all of the whistleblowers out there around the issue of vaccines, they are probably more well.informed in some ways than even the doctors or public health departments.

  2. Wow crazy no mention of the 136 measles cases how were vaccinated? I’m not sure if that number but I’m willing to bet that it is close to 90% meaning the vaccine failed to provide them immuninity. The belief that people need something in order to survive or save them from some deadly disease that went away when we stopped shitting in the same water we drink. Only in ca we still do that too.

  3. I am a nutritionist who has been studying the vaccine issue since 1980. In fact, my only child was a HOME BIRTH in 1981, so that she would NOT have to receive any forced vaccinations. One need only open their eyes to study the literature (as I have) to know that vaccines are not just dangerous and largely unnecessary, they are by far, the major reason 54 percent of our children today have some kind of a CHRONIC illness or disease. My website gives plenty of data on this topic and many appropriate links. It’s so sad that individuals who are biased in favor of vaccines get all the attention and those who know how very bad they are, get NO media attention, Anne Dachel even wrote a book on the media cover-up of vaccine dangers (The BIG Autism Cover-up). Thankfully people are starting to become more aware of the dangers of vaccines, but this is to no thanks from the mainstream media, but from moms–whose children were incredibly harmed by the vaccines pushed by this gigantic medical industrial complex that doesn’t g.a.s. about the health of our children, but want to keep the “disease pipeline” caused by vaccines (ADHD, Autism, P.D.D., Allergies, AutoImmune diseases, Cancer, Type I Diabetes), fully functioning. And make no mistake about it, there is NO “disease pipeline” in the Amish of Pennsylvania or Western, NY….they’re remarkably healthy (and rarely vaccinate). No, vaccines are the starting point of making our children so damn sick. Do your research and God help our children.

    1. Good for you!
      What is so insidious about the entire vax issue is that perfectly healthy children are being injected with untested biological agents.

      1. If a person entering Walmart’s decides to consider a flu vaccine–no problem. Let them FIRST ask to read the “informed consent” agreement: “Joe, thanks for talking to me about the Flu Shot. BEFORE I get this shot, may I READ the Walmart Informed consent agreement?” “No problem, er, mam….1/2 hour later, he appears with the agreement, you READ it, (Yes, really READ it), and say, “Thanks, Joe, but since Walmart accepts NO liability in case I (or my son/daughter) suffer a negative consequence of taking this vaccine, I’ll pass.” End of story. I HAVE read the informed cone agreement and there is NOTHING bad in it. BUT ANYONE who reads it will say “NO THANK YOU.” So who’s to blame? ANY ONE stupid enough to NOT read this “informed consent” agreement, that’s who!

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