California Wildfires: Cars Filled with Dead Bodies – Burnt Skeletons

PARADISE CALIFORNIA: Target of a Highly Organized Attack
This is where some of the missing ended up California wildfires. 

Wildfires in California have killed many people and the fires still rage out of control.  Photos and VIDEO below show the remains; four carloads of dead bodies, literally burned to their skeletons, still sitting in car seats.



One who tried to get out and run, didn’t make it, burned to death in the road as walls of fire crossed the road and consumed everything in its path.

The people in this car were overcome so fast, they simply sat there and burned to death in their seats.



Sadly, this type of scene is repeating itself over and over again in California today — right now as you read this — as wildfires tear through the region.

The fires are so big, the Carbon Monoxide being given off is actually being registered by Satellites in space. 

This model image from the GOES-5 satellite, shows Carbon Monoxide levels in the atmosphere at 23,372 ppb — a staggering amount given the wide area involved,

Typical Carbon Monoxide levels are usually around 30ppb  but as seen in the image below, CO levels are at 23,372:



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Buildings and cars destroyed – trees and plastic items untouched.

PARADISE CALIFORNIA: Target of a Highly Organized Attack
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
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7 thoughts on “California Wildfires: Cars Filled with Dead Bodies – Burnt Skeletons

    1. You are right on with this. Previous fires cremated bodies in their homes. Same pattern, trees not burned, selective property destruction, cars melting.

  1. Do people see the beams, or are they invisible? I’m not doubting this in the least about DEW. The whole thing where trees are perfectly fine and then cars are melted just shows this is an attack on these poor people! What a horrid awful crime they are doing! Is Soros et al behind this? Are they destroying all this so they can buy up the incinerated properties for pennies? Are they just ‘testing’ it out before they do this on a massive scale?
    They aren’t even talking about the fires in the fake news around here as of now.
    Lord help us all!

  2. I had a conversation with two strangers in San Diego today, both knew these fires weren’t natural or wild… Instead, caused by the same people who are burning innocent people out of their properties. I was both surprised and relieved that people are waking up and getting educated… It’s time to END these sinister groups !!!!!

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