Del Bigtree Loses Home CA Fire

Del Bigtree Loses Home CA Fire

Many supporters have asked for news of the Bigtree’s safety during the #WoolseyFire. Del updates us from his family’s home in Malibu. Del Bigtree is the producer of the movie Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe

Looks like Del’s home was torched by lasers, trees and bushes green and alive. Selective burn – some seat cushions OK – others toast.

Go Fund Me to Bring Del’s Family Home

Buildings and cars destroyed – trees and plastic items untouched.

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3 thoughts on “Del Bigtree Loses Home CA Fire

  1. I noticed that in in nearly all the footage of homes allegedly destroyed by the fire, none of the vegetation is burned. In fact, all of the vegetation is green and apparently healthy.

  2. Anyone look into the California High Speed Rail route ? Between Litigation, delays and Billions of $. Much faster with wildfires. Just a thought!

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