California Fires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation – Geoengineering

California Fires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation - Geoengineering

SAN DIEGO, November 14, 2018 – California Governor Jerry Brown blames climate change for the currently raging fires in California.  Article by Beatrice Wright

A recently published scientific article challenges that assertion, and reveals a fundamentally different underlying cause for the California wildfire severity that officials have neglected to disclose.

Published October 1, 2018 in the Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, the scientific article by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD, of Transdyne Corporation and Mark Whiteside, MD, MPH, a Florida Department of Health physician, reveals an unrecognized source of causality leading to increases in combustibility, intensity, and the extent of California, wildfires, and the concomitant harm to human and environmental health

The authors, as noted in the article, “review the evidence that atmospheric manipulation utilizing aerosolized coal fly ash is a primary factor in the extent and severity of forest fires in California and elsewhere; adverse effects include exacerbation of drought, tree and vegetation die- off and desiccation, and unnaturally heating the atmosphere and surface regions of Earth.”

Jet-spraying tiny particles into the region where clouds form, instead of compensating for global warming as some climate scientists wrongly believe, does quite the opposite including, as the article reveals, inhibiting rainfall, retarding heat loss from the surface, contributing to global warming, blocking the flow of moisture-laden clouds from the Pacific, causing climate chaos, poisoning the environment, and posing serious potential health risks to humans.

The article further reveals, “Forest combustibility is increased by moisture-absorbing aerosolized particles that damage the waxy coatings of leaves and needles, reducing their tolerance to drought. The aerial climate manipulation using coal fly ash greatly increases the potential for forest fire ignition by lightning.
In addition as the article discloses, “Wildfires dramatically worsen baseline air pollution, emitting harmful gases and volatile organic compounds, and they both concentrate and re-emit toxic elements and radioactive nuclides over a wide area.”

As the article states, “The type of air pollution created by wildfires is associated with increased all-cause mortality, with the greatest impact on respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that aerosolized coal fly ash is an important risk factor for chronic lung disease, lung cancer and neurodegenerative disease. Failure to recognize multifold adverse consequences of jet-spraying particulates into the atmosphere … will continue the progression of ever-accelerating ecological disasters.”

The undisclosed jet-sprayed tiny particles do not remain in the region where clouds form, but mix with the air we breathe posing, without informed consent, human and environmental health calamities. No one has the right to poison the air we breathe or to corrupt our planet’s complex and interrelated natural processes that makes life on Earth possible. The raging severity of the California wildfires should be a wakeup call for prudent citizens to demand an immediate and permanent halt to all geoengineering activities.
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J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.
Transdyne Corporation


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1 thought on “California Fires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation – Geoengineering

  1. Our Government has ban Geoengineering , but the funding for Stratospheric Aerosol Injection is ongoing . Why is NOAA , NSF , and NASA allowed to use our Tax dollars to fund this absurd operation along with big NGO’s including the Bill Gates Foundation ? Science and Politics are working together to bring this nation into some horrible , Globalist , Regionalist nightmare that basically the United Nations is guiding . I’v watched the spraying over Northern California now for 18 years , Wildfires , strange colors and un-natural weather always followed , and the moisture forecast each time is reduced to nothing ! Now comes the forced Death and relocation of Citizens . Denial of this activity is overwhelming , anyone who brings it up is quickly extinguished , no one in Media will touch it , as if they’ve all signed NDA’s , The thousands of displaced victims sitting in tents wont even mention the Chemtrails they’ve seen . President Trump is going to meet with Newsom & Brown this week , Trump knows what’s going on and Brown needs the Geoengineering to continue the Regionalism in California , Agenda 2030 !

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