California Fire Eyewitness Barely Makes it out Alive

California Fire Eyewitness Barely Makes it out Alive

Douglas Gabriel interviews Robert Otey in his first-hand account of what it was like on the ground as the California firestorm broke out. After listening to this video, you may want to help Robert. His website is . His paypal account is He will be returning to his homestead after the fire and will be uploading videos on his YouTube channel at

Off the electric grid – home vaporized.

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Video of burned vehicles revealed as click-bait or hoax.

The beach was turned into a temporary movie scene for an episode of “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” Details:

Hoax alert California Beach Littered With Burned Vehicles –


1 thought on “California Fire Eyewitness Barely Makes it out Alive

  1. If Chico California starts building massive ” Sustainable Developments ” then we should be very aware of this fire to be of Weather Weapon origin , there’s information that the CIA had used the same technique in the middle East to destroy agriculture and move masses of people to designated REGIONS . We’ll see , but as the MSM and all their owned Broadcasting Networks through out America continue to NOT discuss Climate Change , only to use the term , and none of their Meteorologists will touch the conversation of Geoengineering or show Chemtrail activity on their screens , then it leaves only assumption , accusation , Public theories and even more growing anxiety , You can see something in Jerry Brown’s face as he walked with our President through the disaster in California , a look of hidden knowledge , a look of deception , but certainly not guilt . It takes a real evil person or group of persons to pull off something so sadistic , and they are out there ! lots of them .

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