Medical – Chemical Rape – Schoolgirl Resisting Flu Jab

Medical - Chemical Rape - Schoolgirl Resisting Flu Jab

Revolting, Pharma controlled media thinks this is funny.

“This is the hilarious moment a schoolgirl kicked her teacher in the groin as she resisted getting a flu jab.

The little girl was distraught when she was told it was her turn to have the vaccine.

She began yelling and screaming as she paced around the classroom while her fellow pupils held their arms following the jag.

The girl stood against the wall with her arms folded while teachers and other kids tried to corner her.

As her male teacher came closer and tried to grab her she slapped his hands away.

She then pushed away classmates who tried to hold her still – but she was eventually caught by the man.”


4 thoughts on “Medical – Chemical Rape – Schoolgirl Resisting Flu Jab

      1. It’s horrible, wherever it was…
        Wonder what happened after that.
        I mean if she was forced to have the poison…

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