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Medical Kidnapping, What’s Really Going On? Terri LaPoint, Investigator for Health Impact News

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/25/18

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Terri LaPoint

I recently saw Terri LaPoint ( (@terrilapoint) do an excellent job of explaining what “medical kidnap” really means, on Alex’s show a few days ago. Most of the public is still not aware of this ongoing crime. They are trusting in the advice of medical and other “experts” in how we should run our lives, based mostly on fear and blind belief in our rulers. They get their flu shots every year, take their kids to get Injected with the latest recommended toxic chemical mix, and even believe in the benefits of chemotherapy. But what happens to those parents who don’t believe whatever nonsense they are told by the experts? What happens if they don’t want their kids damaged by injections, chemotherapy or any other assaults masquerading as science? Well for one thing, the state may use an agency like CPS to simply kidnap the children.

This is a case of guilty until proven innocent. It is assumed that the parents are unfit to have the children because they don’t give appropriate obedience to tyrants who require dangerous or deadly medical procedures that parents are not allowed to question. It’s justified by a principle called parens patriae, which means if the rulers decide your behavior endangers your child, they can steal your child for its own protection because they are the ultimate parent.

This could actually be a good thing in cases of real child abuse, provided those in charge were actually sane and benevolent. In case you haven’t noticed, things are not that way in real life. The state and its partner global corporations including banks and the elements of the medical industry are the biggest criminals on the planet. It is they who want to steal your child if you don’t obey and agree with their disastrous medical treatments. This will be our topic in the discussion with Terri, and I think it will be relevant to you whether you have kids of your own or not. This is a window into the attitude and beliefs of the government that considers you its property.

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