Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

New US TN Congressman says CDC handles vaccine data “Fraudulently”

New US TN Congressman says CDC handles vaccine data "Fraudulently"

Dr. Mark Green Links vaccines to autism. Corporate Pharma funded media explodes.

Mark Green, a currently a State Senator in Tennessee and a newly-elected member of the US House of Representatives, said in town hall meeting on Tuesday, that the CDC has “fraudulently” handled data on autism and vaccines, and that he intends to “stand on the CDC’s desk and get the real data on vaccines. As could be expected Green’s honest and accurate statements have brought down the wrath of the vaccine industry upon him. And the corporate media has launched a full assault against him.


We need Green’s courageous and honest voice in Washington, and if we are going to prevent him from being silenced like so many others, you need to speak loudly and let him know you appreciate his courage and you have his back.

Please click on the Take Action link to send an email to Green. All our email messages can be edited by you, this time please include your own story of vaccine injury. But be brief, our technology limits these messages to maximum of about 300 words.

Green is a West Point graduate. He is also a war hero, he won the Bronze Star and numerous other decorations for his service in the Middle East, including serving in the operation to capture Osama Bin Laden. He will need that courage to withstand what is coming at him.

The vaccine industry has a bigger problem though with Rep. Green because he is also Dr. Green, MD, with a long career as an emergency care physician. The vaccine industry is relentless and will do everything they can to silence Green. If we are going to keep this new and courageous voice in Congress he needs your vocal support NOW!

Call and thank him at the number below at his Tennessee State Senate office:

(615) 741-2374

Like him and follow him on Facebook:

Send letters to his State Senate Office:

425 5th Avenue North

Suite 748, Cordell Hull Bldg.

Nashville, TN 37243

Fax: (615) 253-0193

Here is the transcript of what Green said:

“Let me say this about autism. I have committed to my people in my community up in Montgomery County, to stand on the CDC’s desk and get the real data on vaccines. Because there is some real concern that the rise in autism is the result of preservatives that are in our vaccines. 

     As a physician, I can make that argument and take a look at it academically and make the argument against the CDC, if they really want to engage me on it. But it appears that some of the data, honestly, has been fraudulently managed. So we got to go up there and stand against that and make sure we get that fixed.”

    See video of Green’s statement here:…

Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please make a donation at


2 thoughts on “New US TN Congressman says CDC handles vaccine data “Fraudulently”

  1. Thank The Universe for courageous and informed men like this!!! We all need to get together on this issue and stand up against these vaccine monsters !! Count me in !! I work in a public forum and I consider it my duty to educate people of the dangers of vaccines. In fact, we have contests to see how many people we can inform.
    We are NOT afraid of Merck or any other Pharma monster. Obamacare participants are required to vaccinate.
    Stop Agenda 21 everywhere!!!!!!

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