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Storm Eboni – Weather Modification Triggering Earthquakes

Storm Eboni - Weather Modification Triggering Earthquakes

Top three quakes on this chart are the ones that happened while the storm was being built, they were pretty big quakes for this area. Fracking has been used as a distraction so we would not realize what was really going on and what was really causing the quakes across the country. The only time quakes happen is when storms are being built and steered especially quakes of this magnitude.

Once again the storms are coming from Texas, being seeded by power plants, that is why there is so much lightning, metals and chemicals in the exhaust from the plants. They said that it is coming from the West but as usual it is coming from Texas.
Three large earthquakes happened 12-26-2018 right where this large storm is happening as seen on screen shots (see slider below). The clouds and storm are coming from ground based locations and not from the atmosphere. The earthquakes are a sign that HAARP type technology is being used to help build the storm and deflect the jet stream to allow the storm to slowly be built and moved directly North instead of being blown to the East to rapidly. It is impossible for a storm to sit perfectly still over an area without moving East unless it has help from man made technology.
Once the storm starts moving East then seeding operations move to the Gulf of Mexico, here they use ships and aircraft loaded with material for seeding mixed with toxic water from years of dumping military waste and oil dispersants in the Gulf. We are the ones that get to breath this toxic chemical man made cloud and storm concoction. Also see:

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I recently saw a ship at the military base in my area that looked like an aircraft carrier that was modified for this type of operation, it had no planes or helicopters on board and had two towers instead of one, the second one had been added to the forward area of the ship. The military base is minutes away from a coal powered electric plant involved in cloud seeding operations.

Mark Lewis

Here is the lightning coming from the coal ash seeding operation, it is almost always like this when power plants are seeding the storms.
You can see the clouds are forming in multiple places over Texas, it is always like this. They have many coal powered plants.
The storm moves directly North and spreads out to cover a large area, impossible without assistance from man made technology.
Three earthquakes happening at the same time storm is being built, when storm starts moving East the quakes stop but start happening to the East as the storm moves East.


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