Geoengineering Psychopaths to Kill Tens of Thousands

Psychopath David Keith on Comedy Central Justifying Chemtrail Spraying

With No Plan For Public Decision Input, David Keith and Alan Robock Willing to make Autocratic Decision to Kill Tens of Thousands of People With a Geoengineering Having No Proven Benefit to Remaining Population and Regardless of Harm to the Ozone and Environment.

4 thoughts on “Geoengineering Psychopaths to Kill Tens of Thousands

  1. What’s the big deal…they are acting like it’s something new. Been going on for decades.

  2. Professor is just a front men for banking usury mafia. He is just civering uo , because the real reason of chemtrails is to KILL POPULATION in Europe and USA !!! In Europe Italy, Slovakia, Czech rep., Austria have extreme snow fall and extreme gold, because they refuse to take migrants-invaders. Punishing everybody who refuse the EU order of destruction !! There is a race in our midst who hate the population to death !!! Always follow the money and all money on Earth controlling banker’s usury CENTRAL banking mafia and US army is just hit man for international banker’s !!!!

  3. Randy, what I would like to know is, the guy who was treating chem trail pilots, the whistleblower, HOW did he treat them, with what?

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