Golden Globes Gives Flu Shots Live On Air

Golden Globes Gives Flu Shots Live On Air

Vaccine madness at the Golden Globes Awards.

The Golden Globes award show went full-awkward tonight in a vaccine segment. Much of the focus of the show was on women in TV and movies. But it was an awkward segment with mass vaccines that has everyone buzzing.

Shortly following the handing out of several awards, hosts Andy Sandberg and Sandra Oh announce that everyone in the audience is going to receive a flu shot.

At this point, a group of “licensed professionals” storm the floor with vaccine needles.

You probably think I’m kidding. But, well, I’m not.

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1 thought on “Golden Globes Gives Flu Shots Live On Air

  1. Maybe they were trying to get their viewership up….I mean does ANYONE still watch these buffoons?

    People really need to ask themselves just WHY are they so anxious to get everyone to get a flu shot? And other shots? Flu isn’t deadly unless of course you’re given Tamiflu or have some prior medical problems like terminal cancer or late stage Diabetes and all your arms and legs have been amputated by profit seeking surgeons.

    Maybe they’re so anxious because they have ingredients in there that sensitize the bodies of women and girls so that their body attacks any implanted zygote and aborts it, a little secret “population manipulation” game they’ve been playing.

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