Mike Morales Weather Forecast – Ground Based Chemtrail Generators

Mike Morales Weather Forecast - Ground Based Chemtrail Generators

Mike Morales’ latest weather forecast, Mark Lewis comments on the ground based chemtrail generators (coal plant stacks) and Tanker Enemy documents 5 days of deadly artificial US Midwestern tornadoes in 2001 using ground based generators.


Mark Lewis: It is time to discuss the blatant cover up of ground based coal ash injections into the atmosphere (for the sole purpose of enhancing and building storms) coming from the many Coal powered power plants located all across the US and kept under a protective cover by the US EPA and it’s personnel. Many people have tried to bring this subject to light but have met serious opposition while attempting to do so. The EPA and its personnel are silent and evasive whenever this subject is mentioned or discussed in a public setting, why?

The fact that power plants are involved in this nefarious activity has been brought to light and it is time to hold the powers that be

Mike Morales Weather Forecast – Ground Based Chemtrail Generators
Coal plants making clouds

accountable. The time has come that independent investigations are required in order to hold those in high places accountable for their criminal activities, the men, women and children around the world can not wait any longer as they are losing their property, their lives and their ability to raise and produce food.

The goal of those running the weather warfare agenda, to steal, kill and destroy as many as possible.

I hope this gets people to at least look at the power plants in their area, especially when storms are starting and happening in their area.

I have noticed that when the skies are blue there are very little emissions coming from the so called cooling towers but when the planes start spraying and the skies get grey, then suddenly the towers start billowing grey or dirty white smoke that continues until the storm passes, then back to little or no emissions.

Please take time to visit the coal powered facility in your area on blue sky days and on cloudy/stormy days and make a video or photo journal of this activity to help expose this crime against humanity. They will never admit they are doing this because they will lose their job, their pensions, their retirements and possibly their life, such is the case with those involved in the worldwide spraying of chemicals from airplanes and all military and government personnel.

Thank you, hope to see some great videos and photos from across the US and other countries involved.


Weather Forecast - Ground Based Chemtrail Generators
Oklahoma tornado event (Oklahoma City and Piedmont, Oklahoma) on May 24 , 2011

What Five Days of Deadly Tornadoes Looked Like From Space – but it is hard to believe that this “beauty” can cause so much grief and damage, but also from the deadliest of “natural” disasters always looks strangely soothing and mesmerizing. Those explosions of clouds like from Earth itself,  final sequences in this video five days of deadly artificial Midwestern tornadoes , from May 20 to 25, 2011 . It was taken by the GOES-13 satellite and it shows “the storms that spawned the deadly” Joplin, Missouri tornado on May 22 (around 5:30 pm) and the Oklahoma tornado event (Oklahoma City and Piedmont, Oklahoma) on May 24 , 2011. “Look at the NASA site what they are doing …
The GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) network is operated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA . You can actually watch them all updating here . [ NASA Goddard ]


NASA cloud generator – budget $52 million per day.



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