Undoctored Movie Launch

The Story Behind The AMA’s Plot To Destroy Chiropractic

It happened before…and it continues today. Jeff Hays Films

Undoctored is a new documentary, a gift of love to chiropractors and chiropractic patients everywhere.  Bobby Sheehan and were outraged hearing the stories of the abuse chiropractors have had to endure.

As we filmed Doctored, we came to believe that chiropractic is THE answer to the healthcare disaster our country is facing.

The corrupt committee the AMA formed in 1963 to “contain and eliminate” the profession of chiropractic almost succeeded.  So in 1987, when a judge found that the AMA had engaged in an unlawful conspiracy, why wasn’t that shouted on the roof tops?

I was baffled that the general public still doesn’t know about this.  It’s up to you to change this, and Undoctored is the tool. (And it is ready…)nRead more

Undoctored Movie Launch

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