Chemical-Aerosol-Biological Warfare At Sunset


Weaponized Commercial Airliner KLM and British Airways dumping over Wyoming Jan 26 2019

2 thoughts on “Chemical-Aerosol-Biological Warfare At Sunset

  1. I can’t believe how ignorant & stupid most Americans are when it comes to thinking all the lines in the sky r due to jet engine exhaust? Don’t they remember even in the 60’s & 70’s when engines were more primitive- even then they never left checkerboard patterns all over the sky. MORONS.

  2. Corporate Air Travel is making the skies ugly , besides transporting diseased humans , unwanted masses of Humans into sovereign countries that are being forced to change their demographics , making the blue skies a checker board of drooping white powder is depressing for many . Multinational Corporations have grouped together where they’ve injected themselves into governments for a One World Regional control of all Humans , One Government of the entire world and most aren’t buying it , but many deny it , and there lies the problem , Chemtrails or not Chemtrails , the Corporate dominates aren’t talking .

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