Important Vax Rights Attorney “Witch Hunt” Update!

NC Vaccine Rights Attorney Target of Big pHarma

Bar Watch, Inc. Background: The nation’s leading Vaccine Rights attorney, Alan Phillips, is being sued by the NC State Bar in a classic “witch hunt.” Designed from the start to take Phillips’ law license, the lawsuit, supported by invented facts and law, is an attack on Phillips and the entire alternative vaccine community, because Phillips has dared to publicly challenge vaccine corruption and to help people nationally exercise their legal right to refuse vaccines required at birth, daycare, school, college, employment, military, immigration, etc. This should be no surprise, as North Carolina (where Phillips is licensed) is known as “Vaccine Central” in the pharma industry. A summary of the story is here:

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UPDATE Jan 27, 2019:

A court hearing is scheduled for Feb 7, 2019. The court will rule on 4 motions that all concern one simple question: Will the court acknowledge the NC Bar’s conflict of interest? Attorney Phillips and organizations from around the country filed complaints against the NC Bar attorneys concerning lawsuit matters, so the NC Bar must, according to Phillips, secure outside counsel to continue their case (other fundamental problems with the Bar’s lawsuit will be addressed at a later time). So, the court must either order the Bar to get outside counsel, or enter an order that says, in effect, that the Bar attorneys are above the law. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, the complaints against the NC Bar attorneys allege misconduct on their part when, ironically, their job is to investigate complaints alleging misconduct on the part of other NC attorneys. The NC Bar attorneys are violating law by suppressing those complaints–preventing a proper independent, outside investigation of themselves. Why do you suppose they might do that?


Take 5 minutes to review this short, one-paragraph letter by the NC Bar Counsel–the lead attorney at the NC State Bar–which letter (attempting to dismiss Phillips’ complaints against Bar attorneys) itself contains multiple ethical violations! Scroll down below the letter to see the Letter’s violations explained.

Click here to see the Bar Counsel Letter:

Stay tuned, the real fireworks have yet to start…
In solidarity, and with humble gratitude,

Alan Phillips, J.D.
Vaccine Rights Attorney


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