Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Science Textbook Teaches About Chemtrails!

Have a problem convincing legislators? Children in school are learning about ‘chemtrails’ as a sun block to protect the earth!

This was discussed at length earlier this week. It was credited to teach about ‘chemtrails’, or contrails, or that it was an attempt to indoctrinate kids into thinking that trails in the sky was either okay or maybe even a good thing. Much was made about the content and context; no proof by visualization was to be had. I got tired of the back and forth, because in order to really prove one or the other was correct, we needed the book.
I and everyone else in the world can trace this “news” due to the tireless, work of Will Thomas. Everyplace I found this book mentioned used him as the source. You can find a copy of the story here:
I found the book. Here is the cover, showing it is the one being named in the article:

Here’s the publishing info:

Sorry for the size, I wanted everyone know know it is real. And the plane was on the inside of a page, so the scan is not completely flat.
But here is the page the plane is one:

And the next page. This is the totality of the “chemtrail” topic:

But where does it talk about planes spraying things as a part of the geo-engineering master plan by “Them”?
It’s no where. What is discussed about planes is just this:


Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread706517/pg1

2 thoughts on “Science Textbook Teaches About Chemtrails!

  1. Rid the country of the GREED Leadership that the common people have to deal with and the whole world will be a better place!!!!!

  2. Nasa Web sites tell kiddies that planes make clouds, there are mucho sites directed at kids that openly, nicely like a fairy tale, explain out in the open about Chemtrail . Obviously bernie sanders isn’t smart enuff to put the pieces together, kidding, he is a nazi , as is nasa

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