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Dental – Systemic Diseases With Improperly Extracted Teeth – Gangrene of the Jawbone

Dental - Systemic Diseases With Improperly Extracted Teeth - Gangrene of the Jawbone

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Osteonecrosis of the jaw – Cavitations are diseased areas in bone under teeth or extracted teeth usually caused by lack of adequate blood supply to the area. Tests by special equipment (Cavitat) found cavitations in over 90% of areas under root canals or extracted wisdom teeth that have been tested, and toxins such as anerobic bacteria and other toxics which significantly inhibit body enzymatic processes in virtually all cavitations.
Properly extracted teeth included removing the periodontal ligament with a low speed drill and flushing out the site with water. Removing the periodontal ligament allows the jawbone to fill in the extraction site with bone – and only 1% of dentists are informed of this procedure. Improperly extracted teeth leave a hole or cavitation in the jawbone and create gangrene of the jawbone.
American Dentistry may be in worse shape than Medicine.
Suzin Stockton’s ‘Disease Causation: The Dental Connection’ Lecture 1/25/2003 “Beyond Amalgam”
“Ischemic osteonecrosis”  = gangrene of the jawbone. for improperly extracted teeth.

AETNA Loses Major Dental Case in Fed Court – Is This Their Demise?… 

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Frankly, the American Dental System, with the American Dental Association (ADA) at the helm, is buried in 100 year old technologies, won’t accept anything new, and is fighting a losing battle over their promotion of deadly poisonous mercury amalgam (they call them “silver”) fillings, and ultra-dangerous, but highly profitable “Root Canals.”  

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