Why American is Dying

Post by Greg Pallen

Why American is DyingAs a point that many of you may be actively choosing to ignore, it is getting very late in the game… I am so sick and tired of the greed, fear, apathy, cowardice and stupidity I am seeing in the general population that I feel obligated to document why America is dying…


First, let me say that I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck… I have dealt with the largest Fortune 500 companies in the country as CEO of Pallen Enterprises, Inc. and have generated tens of millions of dollars in profits for my shareholders. I say this because as a CEO, you quickly discover that you have to identify the problem and eliminate it on a daily basis. You DO NOT treat the symptoms and you do not let POLITICAL CORRECTNESS interfere with what MUST BE DONE. I had a grandfather and an uncle who did not mince words…They said EXACTLY what needed to be said and didn’t apologize for it or worry about hurt feelings or wounded egos….

What we have become is a society of lazy, pontificating cowards who will immerse themselves in a football game as opposed to saving their own mother or child or best friend from certain death. They will ignore the signs going down the road that say “WARNING – – – YOUR WHEELS ARE ABOUT TO FALL OFF” and continue to buy new cars, buy new games, buy new phones, buy new TVs, buy new motor homes, buy more designer cloths, buy new guns, buy new shoes, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy…

Why American is DyingBUYING CREATES DISTRACTION. It prevents you from acting like a man…. And Americans ABSOLUTELY LOVE distraction because it keeps them from having to confront reality. WHAT SORRY SACKS we have become that we would sooner immerse ourselves in “AMERICAN IDOL” or “DANCING WITH THE STARS” as opposed to TAKING A STAND AGAINST OUR OPPRESSORS.

How can one look up at the sky and not see their own poisoning?

Why American is Dying


Why American is DyingHow can one take a drink of water without acknowledging that what they just ingested will decrease their IQ by 20 points on average and cause cancer?


How can one ignore the fact that they are eating corn that has been sprayed with Round-up; literally ingesting vegetables from a plant that ROUND-UP WILL NOT KILL!


Why American is DyingAnd we believe Kroger and CVS when they tell us that their mercury-laden vaccines are GOOD FOR US and will prevent the flu…Why American is Dying


To add one final insult to injury, they declare in stone (200,000+ pounds of granite) that ideal world population should be maintained at 500,000,000 or less…and then have the audacity to add a cube with the date…drum roll, please…2014?!?

Why American is Dying


Are you kidding me ???

Why American is DyingHumanity is at a crossroads…

Our politicians are a direct reflection of what WE have become as a society… A bunch of lazy, fat, apathetic, drunken cowards who think that they will be judged based on what they say they believe as opposed to what they SHOW they believe. I have a good friend who is a protégé of Mr. Eustace Mullins. James always says “judge a man by his fruits” and he is spot-on with that assessment. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO SAVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM EXTINCTION? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO REACH ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IN AN ATTEMPT TO WAKE THEM FROM THEIR COMA? Are you going to stand by and be “the perfect politically correct gentleman” while the system kills your children? THIS IS NOT FUNNY and I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE ACTING LIKE THEY ARE NOT BEING DUMPED ON 24/7….



Human beings have a choice to make. They can demonstrate for the world what it means to be human or they can continue acting like animals. As one of my employees often states, “MOTHER BEAR VICIOUSLY PROTECTS HER CUBS WITH HER LIFE”…Why American is Dying


Seriously, what has happened to American mothers? IT IS SO FAR PAST THE TIME FOR SELF-REFLECTION IT ISN’T FUNNY! Please reflect and ask yourself if you are being the best human being you can be… Are you being jealous and envious of others who have more or do you try to discover what made them successful? Are you being “your brother’s keeper” or will it AGAIN be “every man for himself”? Are you writing off some of the greatest men and patriots of our time by calling them “illogical” or are you willing to acknowledge how brave and courageous they are to stand up for TRUTH ? I don’t know what happened to all the “Ron Paulers” who were willing to go “door-to-door in 104” for a congressional candidate and now sit on the sidelines like a bunch of dunces who had their asses handed to them on a platter. GET OVER IT! THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG HARD SLOG AND YOU BETTER DEVELOP THE PERSONAL FORTITUDE AND TENACITY NECESSARY TO SURVIVE! The NEW WORLD ORDER wants you as their minion and you are so enthralled by all the distractions that they have provided that you don’t even understand that they already have you by the throat… ENJOY YOUR SLAVERY! May your Facebook and iPhone chains be light and may your image and appearance be as bright as the chemically ice-nucleated snow… IT’S JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE ASYLUM…

If this doesn’t apply to you, then THANK YOU – please forward on to those who are still in denial as we all know those who are.

“I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo’s Notebooks

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” ~ Samuel Adams

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13 thoughts on “Why America is Dying

  1. You hit the nail squarely on the head ! 10 years ago when I was 71, I wrote and published a few books. One is titled
    “Hello New America Did You Forget Something ?” Just received my annual royalty check – for $6 ! Who wants to read about an America that is dying !

    I am a conservative by nature, raised as a child on a cattle ranch in California, educated with a degree in agricultural production, been a farmer and cattleman most of my life (which bankers call “a negative margin business”, but have worked “to support the cows” at various jobs, a paralegal in a Hawaii law office, log truck driver, livestock hauling, interstate trucking, managed a trust company office, and other jobs. I live off the power grid in one of the few counties in the USA which has an ordinance that says it is illegal not to be armed in your home – because the sheriff’s office is too far away ! And I see the USA in its death throes for some time now. Now driverless cars and trucks being promoted. Greed is rampant.

  2. I am on board with EVERYTHING you wrote! As a well-travelled Canadian I have seen the evidence: we are ALL citizens of this magnificent planet. When I unknowingly started my own ascension journey in 1980 at the age of 33, for some years I bore the horrendously demeaning burden of a manic-depression misdiagnosis. One of many truth cover-ups – along with military service PTSD, ethnic, religious and social discrimination and the panacea of medical health illnesses you mentioned. I remind myself however that the chemtrails, the poisoning of nature, the nuclear energy escaping into the environment, the heartless, and a soulless agenda to decrease the global population through vaccines and geo-engineering are actually goals of so few! And with not one expanded brain cell to be shared amongst them!

    The 99.99999 percent of us have slept, frightened into blindness based on DNA memories and generational patterning of pain and suffering. War, starvation and inequality handed down in anger and ridicule for thinking outside Pandora’s chest – where heart-induced love has hidden for eons – proved to be potent emotional blocks. Yet hope was always pumping air into our core of eternal knowing.

    The global awakening to the reality there is nothing to fear in the moment flows strongly through our newly enhanced energy systems in the dimensional shifts. On all levels, mind, body and spirit, we have joyfully entered the point of no return. Combined global communications technology and cosmic support have moved the dimensional clock forward into a time of massive awakening. The awareness alarms are ringing everywhere! We know it!

  3. Thank YOU! As I looked up at the full moon this evening I asked what I can do to help our world more fully awaken. I believe the way will appear. Miraculous synchronicity happens many times in my days….

  4. Thanks for your very comprehensive and thoughtful piece. You are 100 percent correct. Thanks again
    Morgellons victims
    The government has something for you and you’re not going to be happy.
    God bless us all.

  5. This is not just about America, it is the whole World.

    aka….New World Order.

    New Age religion time line:
    Pisces to Aquarius…Fish(Christ) to Water (Gaia)….religion…just actually Hinduism a cast system.
    Controlled and set about by Satanic Psycopathic Controllers.

    New Economy…Silk Roads….runs through and connects the Earth Island.

    Ancient Iranian Bloodlines at the top, built Rome-Berlin Axis…..New Throne to be built in Middle East for World King…von habsburg.

    The end of Humanity as we know it…cutely called the German Century….but the end f humanity through the use of science and technology.

    more can be said, but this enough to grasp reality’

  6. some keywords, that never went away as the controllers would have you believe….

    knights of malta
    boorman underground financial network
    underground reich
    rome-berlin axis

    there are many more

  7. Interesting. Overwhelmed, though.
    Blessings to All, take care.

    Ms. Rancetta Amia Greer-Vaught”ALI”

  8. Most of the American people are stupid. The Americans only speak English and are ignorant, you can show them what chem trails are and they will think you’re crazy, you can tell them about the twin towers and they will think your crazy. The American people think that their Government is the best, “WRONG”.

    1. All Americans are not stupid. I agree that our Democratic Party is diligent about manipulating Americans. That is clear, but we have a vast population of PATRIOTS that you failed to mention.

  9. T hanks for the article.Thought I was awake but not so! Being fed just so much crap it’s not funny. Who do you trust??

  10. Just a few thought of opening up a few things that are closed or hidden by several entities I’ve jotted down over the last year.

    Columbus discovered nothing that wasn’t already there, two continents that had already been cultivated, fruitful and full of life, when the cultures of death came and destroyed thousands of years of progress. Hunting animals to extinction (eagle, buffalo and others nearly so), cutting down nut trees for fire wood, profiting off of what they pilfered and plundered. John Perkins of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” understands this, as has others that want a relationship WITH life affirming cultures and our fellow creation. Money, gold, silver, power, manipulation, deceit, militarism to create and protect empire and ownership DO NOT SUSTAIN LIFE. Being good people is no longer an option. The owners and culture are manufactured phony reality originating from religions of greed, manufacture of money, plunder of life in all of it’s forms as well as life giving elements.

    Take down:

    Take down freemasonry around the world – uses religion, patriotism (god and country) as a front in every faith
    Eradicate all of their societies, organizations, clubs, buildings, monuments, monetary system, institutes, subversives in government, military, police, security apparatus – interlocking intelligence agencies, terrorist groups, homeland security agencies, higher education orgs, NGOs,…
    Prosecute the leaders, expose their activities to lower level initiates and the rest of us – Read “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobaczewski

    Profit out of war, money out of the MIC

    UN and affiliates. The transfer of wealth from poor to rich has continued unabated, while piling up debt that is repaid several times over without a dent in the principle. Delete Habitat III as unsustainable creation of command and control

    International Chamber of Commerce and national chambers of commerce tied to the ICC, global corporations that help write the rules for a one world global entity ruled by trade law. Put a halt on Industrialization 4.0. March back it’s subversive tactics against the common person.

    Destruction of existing IP laws of knowledge ownership. It does not recognize the foundation of knowledge of predecessors or the significant amount of supporting intellectual activity, or the army of people that make discovery possible.
    Isaac Newton famously repeated the phrase, “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

    Interlocking technocratic dictatorship organizations, international, national, state and NGOs that control and manage perception – Alphabet agencies

    Usury banks and inflationary dependent organizations of deception (inflation is not normal, why would we pay usury fees on our own money!)

    Capital Asset Organizations (insider money for a price)

    Stock and Commodities Markets as they exist – speculation instead of true investment, shorts or betting for a company or commodity to do poorly pays!

    Parasite wealth building from no assets produced (money, asset mgt price gouging)

    Global religion under the Theosophical Society made up of dogmas of predatory practices that consistently proven themselves to believe wealth and power more important than people (how can any people kill and profit in the name of god).

    Inversion of Edward Bernays destructive consumerism. Propaganda with no good purpose.

    “Golden parachutes”

    All books of all secret societies – religious, pagan, commercial…EVERYTHING HIDDEN
    All Intel, “Defense”, defense providers and suppliers, NGOs
    All treaties that participate in war, particularly those that initiate war
    All National Security documents

    People or entities working as agents external nation, virtual nation or ideological influence.

    Crony capitalism of special interests (none fit even close to Adam Smith’s concepts in his 5 volume Wealth of Nations – i.e. not wealth of the new global rulers)

    The books of religious organizations interested in control or in love with wealth and power – occult based beliefs (hidden and alternative meanings Talmudist, Kabbalist, Hermetic and other Gnostic), and major church entities using or participating in the grabbing of assets, (faith for a price).

    Value metals at their industrial value, not priestly adornment value for “god”

    Rejection of the current IoT, surveillance, police militarism

    Rejection of speculation of land and water, or accumulation – true owners identified

    Rejection of all derivatives and like schemes of ownership. Ownership & Insurance that can be understood by reasonable person.

    Rewriting of liability laws that are in favor of big business and are against sole proprietorship.

    Elimination of corporate personhood – conceived and delivered in paper is not flesh and blood conceived through the union of male and female.

    End all secret societies, publishing for public scrutiny their beliefs, historical activities. Benevolence does not hide and has no need to be hidden.

    No historical to current day areas, are off limits to investigation as truth has nothing to fear. Laws protecting sacred cows cease to exist. Nothing is so sacred as to be untouchable, unresearchable, all available to mathematical and scientific testing with results published for all.

    Elimination of uncompetitive corporatism (Fascism)
    IP – eliminate. The incentive to do work for maximum profit is wrong, otherwise we would be paying fees on fire, wheels, axles, metal working techniques…. To get into the market first is the only advantage that should be allowed. Discovery is for something truly new, not of something found and claimed (most agriculture, plant and animal discovery of something that already existed…)
    Big Money – Localize and run as a municipality.
    Military and Intel – No private or standing militaries, eliminate intelligence
    Judiciary – From skilled workers (no military or lawyers to keep it honest, belonging to no groups of special interests)
    Law – those laws not identified by the bill of rights and articles of confederation are owned and run by the people of the communities first, state second
    Pharma – works only for a fee, not a percentage, science findings available to all
    Agriculture – bust up completely, localize for sustainability. Permaculture is sustainable. Respect of life is rule #1. no plant or animal shall exist that cannot reproduce itself though natural means. Transgenesis absolutely forbidden as the permutations of possibilities is not possible to test or anything near necessary means. Cloning forbidden, growing “animals” for organ harvest forbidden (the next step is too tempting and an act of depravity that leads to the destruction of all things. Elimination of large scale stationary animal “pens”, back to family and local ownership farms
    Food Processing – elimination of slaughter houses,
    Media – but up completely on local and state levels – no ownership outside the local community for community media, no ownership outside of state for state media. National media made up of state media interests. Global media made up of national media which always must consult those at the state level.
    Arms – no weapon that can kill without a person physically holding the item and by only one person. National and international arms groups destroyed
    Sports Entertainment owned by the municipalities it plays in as home team.

    Elimination of the Megapolis – 3 P’s, Pandemics Plagues and Pestilence, Also applies to agriculture as large scale monocultures have lead to the destruction of the living soil and the dependence on chemicals, destruction of biodiversity, the love of money over life.

    Put up:

    Bill of Rights for all countries

    Organization of the Confederation of the United States of America breaking up federal monopoly power – same for EU and elsewhere. One world peace at the end of a gun is not peace.

    Freedom for US, British, French… commonwealths and other “owned” countries

    Profit no longer an end in itself, the money issued shall be used a a medium of exchange to facilitate the trade of goods and services. Like the tally stick or Inca beads, gold and silver will be valued only for it’s use (adornments and industrial use), not a contrived value far beyond it’s usability. Issuance can be local (town ledgers, stamp systems…), state for intrastate projects for the common good of the communities within that state, national for ever larger project, global for those projects in the best interest of humanity and all life (the end will NOT or EVER justify the means).

    Law must be understood using the reasonable man test – striking down unconscionable laws that no reasonable man would agree to.

    Decentralized Grassroots program – bottom up societies
    Tightly cohesive, loosely coupled communities that are self sustaining connected with others through rules of cooperation for mutual benefit such as utilities, farming and food production groups (not communism, but communityism that worked like the old fashioned cooperatives)

    Rewrite corporate law making it as responsible as sole proprietorships. Corporate law is based on merchant law-the law of the seas, not the law of the land.

    Bring back competition – economies of scale are not legitimate for most industries of globalized concentrated ownership – high resource availability, human, product and product creation and infrastructure. Those that are and necessary for humanity to be utilities of community, state, national or global ownership (i.e. water, gas, oil, infrastructure)

    Sustainable farming – community green areas – emphasis on diversification of food producing fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts… NO MONOCULTURE, GMO, TRANSGENESIS, MUTAGENESIS, EPIGENICS, GENE DRIVE… (weed, food and pest sciences destroy the planet, all that live on it). All plants should have the capacity to reproduce itself. Through selective breeding advancements are made.
    Small scale agriculture that is life affirming for community independence and survival not to be dependent on the cabal of few sources.
    NOTE: plagues and pandemics are a result of to many living or grown to close in large areas. The same is true with agriculture as when a large plantation/farm is more susceptible to disease and widespread loss. The idea of killing ALL weed and pests (including honey bees and other pollinators) is stupid. The same situation exists in penned animal farming and meat packing. Meat, of all products is VERY unsustainable, as well as spiritual desecration. Monoculture farming is unacceptable. The indigenous people of the western hemisphere had few diseases, a huge variety of cultivated foods (nut and fruit trees, vegetables, grains…), no alcohol, did not kill for the thrill-(see articles of the slaughter of wildlife by Europeans especially Buffalo, but also including top tier creatures (bears, cougars, eagles, wolves…).

    Bring people back to the land – no herding the people into cities for control

    Personal Capitalism – real people of blood and flesh allowed entry to their own business to use their skills and work without corporatism – governmental rules blocking entry

    Corporate law rewritten to be more responsible as the sole proprietor as it is not flesh and blood, but born in an office of paper and investor(s).

    No usury, owned by the nation’s people, run by the nation’s people, fee based banking not a %, non-inflationary.

    Repayment of interest by the banks back to the people. Unconscionable contract that no reasonable person would have signed in paying P+I to a private institution for a nation’s borrowing against itself.

    Fabrication of wars for profit must be retroactively prosecuted in all participating industries. i.e. funding of 2 or more sides of militarism in preparation of war, “cold” war, contrived war, covert war, coup, etc.

    Implement the greenback to as the facilitator of the trade of goods and services.

    The product of work as value and not money as an end itself.

    Ease of entry to business for self as the foundation of ones own capital (skill, work …

    Local trade rules supersede ever larger trade agreements
    Local banking supersedes state and national charters, state supersedes national and international…

    Banking divisions per new Glass Stegal + to be run as a utility with fees, not percentages, with complete accounting of money supply in all of it’s variations. M1, M2, M3 available to the public on request.

    Publicly available land and property ownership certified and published with purpose for use.

    Tightly knit, self sustaining communities, loosely coupled with others through mutually beneficial agreements. Public ownership of land, water utilities and community gardening and shared agriculture cooperatives. Larger projects of multiple municipalities at county and state levels by mutual agreement or vote, in language passing reasonable man test.

    Communities made up of nuclear families of husband and wife and their children are the best and only true form of keeping children safe of sexual predation.

    Leadership demographics and assignments to office must reflect the makeup of the electorate as to not to be loaded with special interests. Example: Gerrymandering, ACCE, SPN, ALEC, PACs, 50x, NGOs, Institutes of _________, militarism of public systems (schools, police, policy makers…), “Peace” and foreign policy institutes and other special interests and hidden interests and agendas of all forms, eliminated with set limits of money and shorter election periods, service limitations not to exceed 12 years. Reporting of voting record, speeches and travel destinations.


    There is no separation of creator and creation. Mankind are the stewards of the rest of god’s creation on/of earth. The owners are the future of all things on this earth that we have the obligation to better than just to do no harm, and affords us the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and positive for a better quality and future for all. The ends never justifies the means as regressive ideas, acts and deeds hurts the quality of life and opportunities of the living planet and it’s inhabitants that are yet to come. Progress through good thoughtful insight, imagination and creativity, lengthens our stay as stewards and may though careful introspection, planning and our innate desire to learn and understand more of an ever expanding understanding of creation; of god and the infinite, to expand our reach into/of new experiences of creation. It is our decision as stewards of what we survey, to make a choice for the future of not just humanity, but for all things, living and that what is to provide, sustain, and/or become life. Reaching for wisdom is never ending. Be of goodwill, act in good faith, have good intentions, produce good fruits. I like the two commandments Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ . IMHO, there is no separation of creator and creation.

  11. John Jay: Those who own the country ought to govern it, and the do – the bankers owned the United States of America through the Bank of North America and then the First Bank of the United States.

    Cabal of Cartels. Hard at work detaching people from creation and reality!

    Money – fraudulent system creation of money and credit (soon to be digitized), formerly backed by shiny metals (at least of some value). The perceived value is greater than life itself. Fabricated to allow ownership of real assets, enforced by police an military. No longer to facilitate the trade of goods and services, it is an end in itself, separating/isolating humanity from creation. Used by “owners” for command and control of other cartels and the consumer (useless resource eaters). ZIRP & NIRP = destroy retirement accounts, any interest based investments, free money for even more Usury Based Financial Instruments. The ultimate magic of alchemy, wealth out of thin air, they owners own literally everything, land, water, manmade assets, the goods and services yet to come – all legal on paper that no reasonable man would accept. Virtually and literally worthless, yet these monsters are the foundation to all other cartels.
    Usury is practiced by almost all major stores, high interest lendiers, insurance companies, speculation houses – a way to make money without working – just add credit?
    Derivatives, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Capital Management, Transaction Clearing Houses, Central Banks

    Energy – owned by money giving them power of their own. Petro-Dollar centered Non-Competitive interlocked enterprises involved in the extraction, creation and distribution energy to perform work, soon to be monitored by the Internet of Things, often wasted on operations and items of no value, or in creative destruction.

    Knowledge – Controlled to limit freedom of thought, used for sync points in time to enhance contrived and even false history, consists of publishing companies, “scholarly” papers, opinion and facts on a need to know basis. History can be written by the victors, now mostly by the perpetrators. The Internet of Things will provide a filter to keep information in line with managed perception.

    Military and Intel – managed murder and surveillance to give the illusion we still have choices. Used for population command and control through divide and conquer. Used for continual asset stripping, economic injustice on a global scale, traffics weapons, narcotics, humans and other black market goods while pointing the finger in every other direction. Policy makers are it’s enablers and people believe what they are told to believe, over and over and over again – a method used since the creation of the priest hood and teachers with a direct line to god. Top tier in enforcing everything from geo-engineering to global enslavement.

    Judiciary, Police and Corrections – activities of the masses based on a hypothesis test of activity fitting within a specific standard deviation of normal, with a variance determined by status, judges and police criteria are by tightly controlled social deviance as to have them make the correct choices for purps based on their socio-economic characteristics. Corrections is euphemism as it corrects nothing, destroys futures of non-violent “criminals” creating more violent criminals for profit of a racketeering system similar to military and intel group.

    Big Mining and Natural Resource Extraction – Water, minerals and GMO: what ever is not conventionally farmed and is necessary for life will be on the commodes market using methods of plunder and exploitation of raw material and distribution. A side of life

    Big Medicine – From naive to targeted delivery without knowledge of what anything really does, a top down design on a need to know basis is and will be medicine. AI decision making can replace most long term observation of old fashioned general practitioners in decision making. Treatment will follow strict protocol using diagnosis codes (ICDn International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems now run out of the UN for health management) and procedures (CPT or Current Procedural Terminology based on “best practices” as determined by medical boards and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)) for inpatient and outpatient treatment for doctor, hospital and drug treatment. Deviations of judgement of the physician are made to be very difficult. Comprehensive understanding and basis of how to make a diagnosis diagnosis and create a treatment is limited for the masses for a quick fix, close to automotive’s Chilton’s labor guide for repair, padded with procedures to CTA (Cover Their Ass). ICD classifications is ever expanding as is the psychiatric DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Everyone is sick and needs treatment in an anti-social environment of social media where few talk face to face and work together.

    Big Pharma – Understand the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act and the War on Drugs and one can get a better understanding of where this group started out. Opium wars anyone? If there is not a disease that is available, they will create one.

    Big Agriculture – GMO – It’s not food, it’s phood! Transgenesis, Gene Drive, ultra-processed, food extenders of cellulose soy and other concoctions, shelf life mutations of produce. Not only will what we eat be phood, but it’s forever phood that has a shelf life of forever since no living thing can grow in it (bigger profits). Using poisons to eradicate weeds and insects, areas around the pharm will become dead areas, poison the water and force people into cities, not only providing better phood management, but animal management. People will devolve in the broken web of life to little more than consumers and little else, with a guaranteed income since jobs under IoT will almost completely vanish. Monoculture mentality of high profits of a small number of producers over high diversity and high number of producers (farmers and ranchers), the web of living things on earth will devolve through an obscenely over simplified scientific method and modeling structure. IoT will hope to eliminate over production but requires population management, a system of which ever bigger profits cannot be sustained.

    Major Mass Media – Make it up and defend half truths, lies and murder. Fabricated intentions. Good or bad, people follow the hype, good and bad, with binary decision modeling keeping critical discussion out, in favor of opinions without meaning, decision making without merit and instant ratings feedback. Used to soften people up for what is coming, known as nudging.

    Entertainment – Soften up minds to the point of not being able to differentiate fantasy from reality to the point of accepting. Loss of moral compass. Enhancing binary thinking. Inability to understand multiple points of view (good vs. bad, yes vs. no, right vs. wrong) simple mindedness. Celebrity worship.

    Sports Entertainment – No impact on life, empty time (like empty calories). The collective stupidity of the crowd in thinking at the lowest level. Occasional blue collar release now 24/7 priced out of sight

    Religious – Miraculous, fantasy and fabrication contrived as a means to an end. Just cause of lies, theft, cheating, murder and mass murder. More in common with Baal, Moloch, Money, Self worship wrapped in mysticism, magic and fantasy. Additional “esoteric” knowledge using numerology, astrology and secret meanings may also accompany it in separate books to entice hardcore, highly cohesive fanaticism of the chosen.. Establishment of hierarchy, false sense piousness, ultimate of passive aggression.

    Secret Societies – hidden knowledge & practice of the occult. Would not survive scrutiny. Only the worst of man can accepted at top levels by like minded people. Trans-generational motives. Intertwined with oligarchy in all facets of oversight. Wildly covetous.

    Government/Politics – Enablers and facilitators through greed, harassment and human compromise. Growth begins at home at the local level, state level, national level, globalist level (UN, NGOs, assassinations).

    Arms – no-bid contracts, maximizing overt and covert operations, bloody coups, acts of terror, regional and global wars. Aids in coercion, depopulation.

    Narcotics – From Wall Street to curbside. Maximum profit with continuous social unrest and upheaval. NGOs, Intel groups, Military, Banks for laundering, mobs and gangs. Offshoots include child, organ, other trafficking. Anything goes.

    Intellectual property – debasing the previous knowledge foundation that allows for new ideas. It is a owned organization of patent law putting the corporate individual ownership to profit from ideas that often take several to achieve and a history of knowledge as old as mankind.

    Franchising – destruction of variety in favor of monoculture. Where there should be multiple providers and resources are readily available for a variety of tastes and good competition as Adam Smith would say, is monopolization of the few driving out the many taking money out of the community and into investors at an economy of scale that drives out competition in the short term for long term interests.

    IoT – total surveillance state run with all data, malleable software: AI, heuristic, self healing, self modifying, self monitoring attached to Business to Business (BtB), BtoConsumer, Inventory, Planning…in a closed system that will modify the needs of people to the plan rather than plan for the needs of the people. Almost all things will be tagged, interrelated, monitored and managed (how much you stay awake, eat, sleep, energy used, travel, who you meet…everything you do). Everything from putting on an individuals cloths in the morning to war and terror will be planned to command and control the masses, which react with near certainty by the models built for them, just like the definition of species – see Media.

    Religion – There is no separation of creator and creation, god does not write, god does not have a writer, god does not need money, god does not need power, god does not need land, god does not require a wealth scheme, god does not need rare shiny objects of our desiring, we have a choice to make our own decisions, we do not know what happens to us after we die – hence faith, bad faith and bad fruit are made up of the bad choices we make that hurts another – others – the future – for what ever reason we decided to be harmful, good and evil are what happens to creation as a result of our thoughts, intents,, words and deeds, the ends and the means are our own. Thoughts can be changed before an event occurs, words require explanation, deeds are fact regardless if we hide them.

    Maximizing profit can minimize good will.

    Media – ”Like blackbirds in flight, packs of reporters darken the sky, moving in swarms at the same speed and in predictable trajectory. When one lands, they all land. When one leaves, they all leave. The programmers and channel controllers from all the stations are part of the same well–paid elite, steeped in the same values, committed to the mission of maximizing audience share and profits. They are chosen for their ability to play the game and not challenge the audience with too many controversial ideas or critical perspectives. It’s no surprise that they circulate easily within the commanding heights of media power, moving from company to company and job to job. A kind of group think corporate consensus, steeped in market logic and deeply inbred by an un–brave news culture, breeds conscience–free conformity and self-censorship. This makes frightening sense in a globalized economy where consumerism is more desired than active citizenship, where power is increasingly concentrated and the public is increasingly unwelcome in a public discourse defined by the powerful. If your goal is to numb people and drive them away from active participation, then TV as”weapon of mass distraction”and wall to wall entertainment makes sense. Shut up and shop is the now the message, one that makes sense to advertiser dominated media outlets…” — Danny Schechter, Dung on all their Houses, Toward Freedom magazine, December / January 2000

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