CA Fires – Wildfire victims living in RVs told to leave burned-out properties

CA Fires - Wildfire victims living in RVs told to leave burned-out properties

Hundreds of Northern California wildfire victims desperate for housing and living in recreational vehicles on their burned-out lots were ordered off their properties Monday after federal authorities threatened to cut off funding for the state’s biggest natural disaster cleanup.

Feb. 5, 2019– Mary Greeley News – SAN FRANCISCO —

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8 thoughts on “CA Fires – Wildfire victims living in RVs told to leave burned-out properties

  1. I’ve been there , the funding will be withheld if those camped out in Paradise won’t relocate till the clean up is completed , reason being is it’s going to be a mess , it’s muddy , hundreds of thousands of tons of chard waste , sticky drywall powder turned into a goop , hundreds of trucks up and down one or two roads , they don’t need kids and dogs running around or more unnecessary traffic . I believe most will move back and rebuild after the clean up , but a majority will stay down in the Regional Transportation Hub of the new Economic , America 2050 Plan . Could be the reason Paradise was destroyed in the first place ?

  2. They wont get their land back… the land was stolen for the natural resources, fast rail and other elite agendas

  3. With a ‘New Order’, we can only imagine why these communities are being targeted with the energy beam weapons system. Was it a trial to see what people will put up with? To see what the weapon can do? Do they need the properties for future development? Are they planning on using the event to deploy 5G in the area now? With no humans around to watch, they can install anything they like. Is it a conditioning of some sort to get people ‘use’ to being told what to do with their property by FEMA and the government? Is it to get us use to being refugees? These fires are not natural. These fires are a direct act of WAR on the American people. Most of the NWO /globalist/Z i o n ist plans are long range and far reaching. God only knows the truth. Research The protocols of Zion.

    1. ‘They’ do it because they can…disaster (death, war, slavery) is a real money maker.

    2. Backed by Biden and Clinton , the RPA ” Regional Planning Association ” working with our Military and the UN . Just look up the Regional Planning Map !

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