BREAKING NEWS: Vaxxed has been pulled from Amazon – Here is how you can help!

The pro-pharma folk have won a significant victory today against safer vaccines and health freedom. Following Rep. Adam Schiff’s letter to Google and Facebook, Pinterest responded by removing searches about safer vaccines and vaccine injury so those who are questioning vaccines or want to learn more about the risks can no longer find this information and are limiting advertising possibilities.  YouTube also made the decision to limit the monetization of vaccine-questioning content on their platform. 
It’s important to note that Vaxxed can still be streamed in over 240 territories via Vimeo here:

Rep. Schiff sent a second letter to Amazon this morning, which resulted in Vaxxed being removed from Amazon Video, including Prime and streaming. It was available to stream in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia and had been readily available since 2016 with Amazon earning healthy margins, especially on Prime.

Here’s the rationale Amazon provided for why it pulled Vaxxed:
Availability Issue: We are always listening to customer feedback and iterating on their behalf. During a quality assurance review, we found that the following title contains content that doesn’t meet our customer content quality expectations. As a result, all offers (“Included with Prime”, Buy, and Rent) have been removed. We will not be accepting resubmission of the impacted titles. This will not impact any royalties accrued through the date it was removed and will follow standard payment timelines.

(To note: The film stills seem to be available on DVD for now with over 3900 reviews and almost ALL of them are 5 stars.)

Also to note: if you contact Amazon customer service, they will reply that it was the “content provider” who made this decision. That is not accurate.

If you had ordered the film via Amazon and it is in your queue, you will have to ask them directly for a refund via the orders module.

If you watch this CNN report, you’ll see what Facebook – one of our key communication platforms – intends to do.

Here are some ways you help fight this act of blatant censorship and attempts to silence our community:

Continue supporting Vaxxed
Purchasing Vaxxed is the greatest method of support for the film, and protest of this censorship. Please do not pirate the film – this only harms our efforts. 

  • Vaxxed can still be streamed via Vimeo in 250 territories with the following subtitles: Spanish, Italian and French. Go here to watch.
  • And here for those who prefer a “clean” version.
  • Vaxxed can always be purchased directly here.

Protest Amazon
Let Amazon know that you want Vaxxed back up! Tell them via their social media, and send them a complaint:

And should you choose, #BoycottAmazon! If you contact Amazon customer service, you might be told that the “content provider” (as in us, the distributor), have pulled the film voluntarily. This is not true and likely because the customer service people are uninformed, not because it is the truth. We did not pull the film.

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