News Release – National Health Freedom on Vaccine Mandates

News Release - National Health Freedom on Vaccine Mandates


Greedy Vaccine Makers Use Their Political Influence and Power to Ruin Our Health Through Proposed Mandated Vaccines for Adults!

Merck itself makes $4.6 million a day on its dangerous and unsafe HPV vaccine.


By NHF President Scott C. Tips

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Best to call – 1 call = 1,000’s who feel the same! Only 3 calls – best to call local offices rather than DC.
Legislator Talking Points:
*No mandates, no liability – an uninsurable risk as per 1986 law.
*No safety tests since 1986 law. RFK Jr Landmark Court Ruling.
*Almost $1 Trillion in vaccine court of claims for 2015-2016, and only 0.9% paid. States and families are on the hook for damages. It is very difficult to file a claim, example – parent noticed child was not right after vaccines and attorney said a picture must be taken 5 days after the vaccine.  Picture taken at day 6 and parents could not file a claim, so parents lost out on $250K injury award.  These parents have 2 vaccine injured children, in and out of the hospital, on life support, serizers, can’t speak -autistic and will never be able to live on their own.
Vaccines and Nuclear power – an uninsurable risk. Vaccination has long been held by US Courts to present, along with the nuclear power industry, an uninsurable risk under tort law….. ( and (

Dog and pony hearing, on Federal Vaccines Mandates, no testimony from RFK Jr., no testimony from parents of dead or damage children, no testimony on $1 Trillion vaccine court claims (2015-2016) only .09% paid and testimony from an unvaccinated 18 year old kid, Ethan Lindenberger,  said as soon as he turned 18, got all his shots because mom recieved her vaccine misinformation from Social Media.  NO FaceBook 18 years ago! Ethan quickly became pHarma darling posterboy. Good thing he wasn’t vaxxed so as he was so articulate rather in a diapers, sucking a bottle and wouldn’t be allowed to attend.



There is a nationwide move afoot to eliminate exemptions to mandatory vaccines and to even coerce all adults into submitting to mandatory vaccinations – all in the name of “health.” And that move is based solely on junk science and contrived news. There is zero science or facts to back mandatory vaccines for adults or for anyone. If this move to inject us all with toxic substances weren’t so serious a design upon our health, it would be laughable.

There is also no constitutional authority for Congress to even think about mandating vaccines. Any member of Congress who tries to mandate vaccines is breaking his or her solemn oath of office and should be expelled from office. Unfortunately, all too many legislators are willing to sell their souls for Big Pharma money.

The entire way in which this proposed mandate has been initiated, pushed, and supported stinks beyond belief. Based as it is upon a contrived “epidemic” of measles (the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention dictates that three cases of measles constitutes an “outbreak”) and then blamed upon “anti-vaxxers” and the “vaccine hesitant” who quite reasonably worry about the obvious ill-health effects and even death suffered by vaccinated children, this move to force mandated vaccines upon all adults nationwide is outrageous. Instead of focusing upon the millions of vaccine-injured children or other true health emergencies, this Congress is turning its attention to 200 routine cases of measles in a country of 330 million.Some have warned for many years that targeting adults was the logical next step in the pro-vaccine push for greater profits. Only a few believed that this was possible, but now here it is on our doorsteps.

The Real Reason for the Vaccine Push

Vaccines are highly profitable for the drug companies.  Merck itself makes $4.6 million a day on its dangerous and unsafe HPV vaccine. That alone should speak volumes to us about what is really behind this push to vaccinate everyone.  It’s not about health, it is entirely about GREED.

When I was a boy and had measles, that childhood disease was routine and not even feared at all.  We children actually welcomed it! To be able to stay home from government school for several days and watch television while eating ice cream … what a treat! No one I ever knew died from “wild” measles.  In fact, in the last ten-plus years, no one has died from wild measles at all, even though some pro-vaccine groups try to pin the blame on unvaccinated children for the single-digits deaths that did occur. Instead, we have life-long immunity, something vaccines cannot confer upon us. Think about it: Good sanitation and true nutrition vanquished measles mortality and are still the mainstay of good health.

The Big Push for Vaccines

Last February 27th, the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee held a hearing on vaccine mandates. At the same time, there are more than 100 vaccine-related bills that have been introduced in thirty different States. Admittedly, some of these bills expand our rights to exemptions but most do not. Not only are constitutional and individual rights at stake here but also an individual’s right to informed consent to any medical procedure or practice. Many individuals base their objections to vaccines upon their fervently held religious or philosophical beliefs, which should be respected whenever it comes to making their own medical decisions.

The So-Called “Hearings”

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