England To Make All Citizens Organ Donors by Default

England To Make All Citizens Organ Donors by Default

Organ harvesting - worth more dead than alive.

A new bill called The Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill will make all English citizens organ donors by default  (still have the choice to opt out). The bill, known less formally as Max and Keira’s law, is inspired by nine-year-old Keira Bell donating her heart to 10-year-old Max Johnson. Doctors say Keira saved a total of four lives through organ donation.
Deanna Spingola‘s show about organ harvesting/donation and discussing the practice. Listen here 

Those excluded from the plans include:

  • children under 18
  • people who lack the mental capacity to understand the changes for a significant period before their death
  • people who have not lived in England for at least 12 months before their death
Over 6,000 English people await organ donations, according to recent government stats.

Prime Minister Theresa May supported the law with a public statement.

“I’m delighted Max and Keira’s law has passed today. It marks a momentous step for thousands of people in need of a life-saving transplant and could save as many as 700 lives a year.

With significantly more people willing to consider organ donation than are actually registered as donors, this vital step will presume consent unless people choose to opt out of being a donor.

It’s important that everyone takes the time to discuss their choices on donation with their families and register their wishes, whatever their preference may be.”

The donation consent change means consent defaults to YES, but the person is able to put in a non-consent status. But things are not nearly set in stone.

England Organ Donation Consent Restrictions Not Set

The government may exclude specific organs from the “opt-out” status options. This would mean no citizen would be able to opt-out in regards to government selected organs.

While some are celebrating the move, critics are increasingly concerned that government overreach is playing out from a general perspective. Knife control, hate speech agendas, and U.K. surveillance is all under scrutiny.

3 thoughts on “England To Make All Citizens Organ Donors by Default

  1. I’m not even sure about this kind of story (Max and Keira), which is designed to make many people ‘moved’ or ‘touched’ to SELL their Solution.

    Was it you who posted another story about children with autism tend to die early or so? I wasn’t sure about that one too, cause the article was to end selling their FAKE medical system further more.
    #I’m not criticizing you though.

    They can use Crisis Actors not only in their FALSE FLAG operations like the one in Christchurch the other day, but to promote poisonous Rockefeller’s Medicine etc.

    1. More than likely va33ine damaged kids dying and their organ given to other vax damaged kids.

      1. Anything is a OK as long as traitorous criminals can make $$$$ and organs from all kinds of things DAMAGED, might not be much of a help…

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