CA Senator Pan Wants to be First State to Refuse Medical Exemptions for Vaccines

CA Senator Pan Wants to be First State to Refuse Medical Exemptions for Vaccines

ACTION ALERT: SB276 (Pan) Attack on Vaccine Medical Exemptions for school in CA is here (Update Week of 3/26)

SB276 will remove 99.9% of all vaccine medical exemptions required for those not fully vaccinated to attend school in CA, if passed.

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We need YOU to take action!

We will be sending Action Alerts whenever we have something that we need your help with, but at the same time we understand the bombardment of posts, so we are going to put as much as possible in one and you can choose to do it all at once or split the tasks over several days. We are going to be under the gun because this will move very quickly through the legislative process.

TAKE ACTION between now and noon on Friday – please do the following five things:

  1. Call these Senators. Urge them to NOT coauthor SB276 and to vote NO when/if comes before them for a vote (sample script below).

Senator Melissa Hurtado (916) 651-4014

Senator Jeff Stone (916) 651-4028

Senator Holly Mitchell (916) 651-4030

Senator Susan Rubio (916) 651-4022

Senator Ben Allen (916) 651-4026

Senator Bob Archuleta (916) 651-4032

Senator Steve Glazer (916) 651-4007

Senator Ling Ling Chang (916) 651-4029

Senator Toni Atkins (916) 651-4039

Senator Pat Bates (916) 651-4036

Senator Bill Monning (916) 651-4017

Senator Maria Durazo (916) 651-4024

Senator Connie Leyva (916)651-4020

Sen Shannon Grove (916)651-4016

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to urge Senator __________ to NOT coauthor SB276, a bill to severely restrict medical exemptions. Furthermore, I would ask that the Senator vote NO should SB276 come before him/her for a vote. SB277 was passed BECAUSE of a broad medical exemption that was left to a doctor’s discretion. This broad medical exemption was explicitly supported in Governor Brown’s signing statement. The doctor-patient relationship should be protected. An appointed official who has never examined my child should not be making blanket medical decisions, that have the risk of death in the package insert. Our doctors know what is best for our children. Thank you for your time.”

*Additional talking points:

-if your child has a medical exemption, share your story, make it personal.

-if your child does not have a medical exemption, let the legislators know it – that you believe the medical exemption needs to be protected so that medically fragile children can be protected.

-Senator Pan keeps reporting that medical exemptions have tripled. What he isn’t disclosing is that medical exemption rates went from 0.2 to just 0.6%!!

  1. Call your Senator and Assembly member’s offices ( and say the same as #1, but also request a meeting with them – insist on getting a meeting with the legislator, not the staff, in the next month. Also find out their next public events (coffee mornings and town halls) and plan to attend those.
  2. Spread the word: talk to friends, family, doctors, nurses, people that value the doctor-patient relationship. Let them know what Pan is up to with this bill. This is a health issue. Not a vaccine issue.
  3. Make travel plans to Sacramento Wednesday April 10th and get all your friends to come. This is the tentative date for the 1st hearing (1:30pm). We need unprecedented numbers! Please understand that we are at the mercy of the legislative process – the date could change. We will have official confirmation next Friday. There will be buses from SoCal. We will send more info next week with that.
  4. Donate to A Voice for Choice Advocacy ( – I will continue to go to Sacramento unpaid, but we have hired 2 seasoned lobbyists and are fundraising for the hearing buses which in total will cost over $60,000. Every penny counts so ask your friends and family to donate.

Bill Summary: SB276 (…) would require:

  • All medical exemptions be approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) – removing the critical doctor patient relationship.
  • All medical exemption requests be based on CDC contraindications only (…/…/general-recs/contraindications.html…) – requiring a child to have a severe anaphylactic reaction to each specific vaccine before they could be exempt from that specific vaccine. No sibling or family history or genetic predisposition would be allowed.
  • All medical exemption requests be submitted via a standardized form created by the CDPH – creating extra paperwork
  • All approved medical exemptions be included in a database accessible to the CDPH – creating potential HIPAA and FERPA privacy issues.
  • Any medical exemption written PRIOR to SB276 be approved by the CDPH and included in the database, by July 1, 2020 – resulting in additional work for physicians to review and enter and CDPH to review.

We can defeat this, but we need YOU to do your part….



Christina Hildebrand


A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc.

408 835 9353

Giving issues a voice, A Voice for Choice Advocacy advocates for people’s rights to be fully informed about the composition, quality, and short- and long-term health effects of all products that go into people’s bodies, such as food, water, air, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

2 thoughts on “CA Senator Pan Wants to be First State to Refuse Medical Exemptions for Vaccines

  1. Please tell these legislators that we need safer and more effective vaccines. Vaccines have not been placebo tested and do not have a good safety record. The manufacturers have not complied with vaccine law and have no liability.

  2. I think that a text would be more effective than a phone message tally. It would be quick and easy to send a group text.

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