Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Chemtrails Recorded by Pilots in the Cockpit

Chemtrails Recorded by Pilots in the Cockpit

This collection of chemtrail videos was taken by pilots and then published online. They show that aircraft do not fly with radar detection and spray any substances.
A positive proof of this program. Also, many patents from NASA and the military on this program are publicly available on the Internet.
I provide such material to promote understanding of environmental issues, politics, human rights, economics, democracy, science and social justice, and so on.

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Diese Sammlung von Chemtrail-Videos wurde von Piloten aufgenommen und dann online veröffentlicht. Sie zeigen das Flugzeuge garnicht mit Radarerkennung fliegen und irgend welche Substanzen versprühen. Ein positiver Beweis für dieses Programm. Auch sind viele Patente von der NASA und dem Militär zu diesem Programm öffentlich im Internet zu finden. Ich stelle solches Material zur Verfügung, um das Verständnis für Fragen der Umwelt, Politik, Menschenrechte, Wirtschaft, Demokratie, Wissenschaft und sozialen Gerechtigkeit usw. zu fördern.

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5 thoughts on “Chemtrails Recorded by Pilots in the Cockpit

  1. I am curious what pilots are being told this spraying actually is. They have to know this is not good, not normal And if the spray planes are not detectable with radar how dangerous is that ? this is insanity at its best

    1. The pilots shooting the footage know about this and aren’t being told nuttin, they are figuring it out. As you can see by the comments, the jets are not being controlled by the standard radar center as the civilian aircraft.

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