Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Texas Health Freedom ALERT! – Support SB 2350 – Vaccine Testing

Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines use TX Bill Language to Educate Legislators
Texas Senate Bill (SB) 2350, filed by Senator Bob Hall, will require all vaccines to be tested against a placebo for safety before they can be administered.  Please read the bill text here:
Please take the following actions NOW:
1. Call Senator Hall’s district office at (972) 722-3131. Tell whoever answers the phone: “I am a Texas resident. Please thank Senator Hall for filing SB 2350.”
2. Call the staff offices of the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee at (512) 463-0360 and tell them “I am a Texas resident. Please tell the committee members I want SB 2350 heard.”
Thanks for your support of Texas Health Freedom,
Peter M. McCarthy, CTN
Chair, Texas Health Freedom Coalition

3 thoughts on “Texas Health Freedom ALERT! – Support SB 2350 – Vaccine Testing

  1. Did this Law pass. We are looking to file the same Law in Florida where a recent bill has been filed to take away our religious exemptions and severely limit our medical exemptions. I can’t find that SB 2350 passed into a law.

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