153 News Rant on Chemtrails

153 News Rant on Chemtrials

Illustration by David Dees

The skies are dark – no sun. T minus 10 years and counting if the new world order has their way. Are we to weak as a world to rise up? Are we good just sitting back as they slow kill us? Where are the John B. Wells of the world. Q has everyone in a spell and a trance as they are led to a slaughter. Just keep trusting Q until your all dead. Check out https://153news.net for uncensored real news. Professor David Keith Admits Many Thousands will Die from Harvard Solar Geoengineering Program 2018

Chemtrails – Senior EPA Official Admits USAF Involved in Aerosol Spraying Program

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4 thoughts on “153 News Rant on Chemtrails

  1. Randy- just a question, it’s about Dr. Deagle, the guy who said he treated pilots for chemtrail exposure. Is there any way to find out how he did it?? What did he use to treat them? That would be very interesting to find out.

    Regarding chemtrails and why nobody is doing anything, the latest Carotec newsletter put it succinctly, “…we are not living in a Republic, we are living in an Oligarchy…”. A few people are running the country, and no matter how we “vote” it does not matter! That’s why they’re saying “our vote matters” because it does NOT. Most of the Senators are beholden to the man behind the curtain and are not going for what the majority wants! Just look at the mind control and you see why our so called “leaders” are not doing what “we” want. Gary Allen was right, assuming our leaders were total incompetents they would from the law of averages occasionally make a mistake in OUR FAVOR. This does not happen. It’s a concerted effort to bring us all under total control and annihilation. “Voice of Reason” I can understand his angst, I’ve been there believe me, trying to get the word out and having most people not care or attack me personally, or say “well what can we do”, is very frustrating. Fleeing the US is not the answer in my opinion, because most of us can’t just leave for whatever reason. The “Babylon” of Revelations could be anything. Does he mention the true demonic freemasons who are really running things, or the “Committee”, those behind the curtain? Anyone who tries to stop them is silenced one way or another. Call, write, email your corrupt senators and tell them, see if you get a response.

    Read the Bible. God has said that he will give the Antichrist permission to persecute the saints (Christians). Revelations said that Antichrist, the Beast and False Prophet will lead many astray with their false teachings against God and Christ. Read Solomon’s Eccleasisates. Do what you can to avoid all this junk. We are in this world but we are not of this world.

    I just saw the video that Ted Gunderson and “Bryce Taylor” put together about mind control, it was a talk they gave, anyway they mentioned using chemicals to make us “dumber”, to dumb us down, I’m wondering if they were referring to chemtrails, since they mentioned aluminum, which is in chemtrails and is also in vaccines and recent research says (found this in a Weston A Price journal, Spring 2019) that the aluminum from the intramuscular injection of vaccines is carried to the brain stem via the macrophages (white blood cells) due to some bodily “protective” mechanism, which contributes to autism and auto immune disorders. I’ve heard it said that Alzheimer’s is an ‘adult” form of Autism, and that if you get 4 flu shots you are like 10 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. The “antidote” that is told for getting aluminum from the body is drinking water high in silicon, which binds with aluminum and takes it out of the boy via the kidneys. It does not mobilize other toxins such as mercury, which is good, since it’s pretty tricky to get rid of mercury and not advisable if you have amalgam fillings in your mouth. A previous Weston Price journal dealt with mercury detox, can’t remember the issue number off hand.

    Those of us who are old enough to know what a cloud is supposed to look like have a a greater appreciation of CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN’S ADMISSION OF CHEMTRAILS ” STRATEGIC ATMOSPHERIC INJECTION” (SAI) which is a sub category of INJECTION TECHNOLOGY (IT).
    Pilots, doctors & scientists use the lay term “CHEMTRAILS” to explain it’s genocide effects. The Donald Trump Whitehouse is really the Hillary Clinton Whitehouse and he is continuing Hillary Clinton’s genocide games.
    DISASTER ECONOMICS: CHEM TRAILS= MONEY TRAILS. CHECK OUT WEATHER WARRIORS JIM LEE & MIKE MORALES FOR REAL TIME VISUAL EVIDENCE OF HOW THE BIBLE BELT IS BEING TURNED INTO THE SNOW BELT AND CALIFORNIA INTO A LIVING HELL! Mike will show you real time weather maps of how storms are maneuvered to wreak havoc. REMEMBER IRAQ? This will prove important to illustrate the impact of pending Venezuelan oil fire wells upon gulf and eastern states. MORE ON JIM & MIKE INSIDE.
    One of 320,000 Koreans who fought in Vietnam alongside U.S. forces can still recall how Agent Orange toxin released by U.S. military planes would fall on them in a fine mist. “They sprayed Agent Orange on us without any warning”. The purpose of this toxic legacy allegedly deny enemy cover but was actually to drive Vietnamese “rurals” into urban areas where they could be more easily controlled but ultimately driving the Vietnamese into the arms of the Viet Cong. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR CALIFORNIA? In spite of Korea and other nations joining in on gang rape of Vietnam the US lost the 20 yr war leaving a blood debt legacy for generations from South East Asia to Syria and the Middle East. (My Vet bro-in-law’s death certificate declares, “Death by agent Orange”.)

    Chemtrail Flu: Have You Had It Yet? Attempts to protect yourself from chemtrails is illegal. That’s right. The real terrorists are using “agents provocateurs” in pretext to strip you of your right to protect yourself. CHEMTRAIL
    Chemtrail Lab Tests
    Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols
    USING CHEESE CLOTH FOR AIR QUALITY: At college we used to put cheese cloth over fan entry and put it in the roof and then test it with spectrometer and geiger counter. We monitored rain water gauges for pH and stuff. Many window ACs don’t seem to have filters. Good idea to drape cheese cloth. GROUP/CO-OP BUY THE ABOVE. Face it… Even a visual will leave you more than disgusted. Inform yourselves. Face it… no one will look after you but you.
    Wipe your fingers across a car surface and see the glittering metallic dust on your fingers and tell yourselves you are looking at “contrails”. Students that are not testing this stuff are nothing more than “zit”s (zombies in training). BTW… What are dried reddish droplets all over SD cars? I KNOW….! They are “con” trails. Guess who’s getting conned. Take flashlight out on a dark night and see all the suspended micron sized metallic flecks swarming close to the lens and face reality.

    HOW ARE YOUR EYES? The same stuff they use in chemtrails is the same stuff they use for sandpaper abrasive. Unless you are as stupid as Q Anon… anyone that has a neck can see chemtrials are being ramped up more than ever since Donald Trump has taken office. Global dimming sulfur oxides are going to be added to the mix. When sulfur mixes with moisture in the air it becomes battery acid rain.
    RAISE YOUR ARMS IN PRAYER GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT FREE WILL. If you don’t care, or are afraid to do something, you are implicitly consenting. Proclaim that you do not consent to this satanic world order otherwise God will not intervene. AS DID THE PROPHETS… Go to public squares and raise your hands toward Heaven and you will be amazed that you will be touching hands with others of like mind.


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