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  1. Might interest you to look at the map in the middle of this article and see how the affected areas throughout Mexico and straight up the middle of the United States lines up perfectly with the NAFTA Super Highway
    Today the NAFTA deal has been relabeled as the USMCA deal
    Not sure if you have seen this video but it explains what happened to the industry in the United States
    This is an excellent site for information –
    This site here hs a wealth of information on 13 bloodlines –
    Information about the BRICS deal you might find worth posting –
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. The ” Regional Planning Association of America ” has their America 2050 map for the public to view . The Rural citizens and small town residents not on this map are targets for enforcement to relocate them into the Regional zones planned . People are starting to see the influx of population if they already live in cities , around cities or regional transportation corridors . This is Economic Globalism in your face ! It’s my opinion the US Air Force is using the U2 recon planes for mapping and programming the ” Global Hawk ” drone’s , using their high altitude Laser Platform . I watched Paradise California get a Blast Furnace from just a spark , but everything in and around that town was saturated with Chemtrail particles from years of Geoengineering , and i’v watched U2’s fly that area as they descend to Beale AFB , who also supports a flight of Global Hawks . The US Army is scheduled to be the Security Force for all these huge cities , called the ” Mega Cities Project ” and ” Jade Helm ” . Everyone knows something big is going on , you just won’t get it from your TV news station . So , we have tendencies to try and put two and two together , at least I do .

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