You Are Being Groomed – Smartphones Addictive Dopamine BEAST

Hsaive  | Big Tech is predatory. Right now – through SMARTphones and Apps they are softening you (and your kids) up for a lifetime of exploitation. It is essential that you #DitchYourSmartphone. S.M.A.R.T. – Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology

Amazing Polly Full Video –

The Nation China’s Social Credit – Discipline and Punish: The Birth of China’s Social-Credit System:

Also see from Hsaive ALERT 6-27-19 Possible Staged Robbery at Jacksonville, FL Credit 

3 thoughts on “You Are Being Groomed – Smartphones Addictive Dopamine BEAST

  1. “Ripping apart the social fabric of how society works”…BINGO!
    And right around the corner…the fourth and final fence.

    That’s why they call themselves EL-ites so as to claim their deity.
    GEN 3:5. “they shall be as gods”.
    Truth be known- they are also enslaved.

    I’ll keep with not owning any mobile phone for now.
    Good video! Thanks for posting.

  2. Unfortunately , this Smart Phone warning isn’t on TV , because there’s millions that will never get the message just Fake Media propaganda as usual , and Corporate advertising to keep people and Kids addicted . Advertising like Candy Colors for the young minds

  3. The video overall was good, by virtue of the topic.

    The Dots should have been connected a little bit better:

    First of all….It is Fascism, Nazism and should not be call Global Communism…..communism was funded and created by the fasist so that created a dialectic….moving the sheep in the desired direction!

    Anyway the Smart phones are weapons….Complette 24/7 Surveillance including your DNA, with 5G and the Phones….Addicted to Electricity, not so funny..

    The phones are a tool for the Space Fence.

    Sheep are stupid animals ….. so it is Lamb Stew that will be served.

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