ILL Farmers – DARPA – Flooding – Police Dog – Google Maps – German Heat Wave

Congress Holds Hearings on Weather Manipulation

Illinois Farmers Have “Given Up” On Planting

Farmers in Illinois whose land has been thrashed by flooding have given up on planting.  Instead of growing food, they decided to throw a party. And who could blame them?

Mysterious Flying Objects Over Kansas Turn Out To Be Top-Secret DARPA Experiment

There was such as vast public response to the mystery objects spotted over Kansas City that none other than the National Weather Service of Kansas City felt compelled to tweet on Thursday, June 20 that “we honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City,” along with a sub-tweet of an image showing two “floating objects” in the sky.


June 23 at 10:05 AM · Grove, OK

Nearly 100 drivers followed a Google Maps detour — and ended up stuck in an empty field

A muddy detour meant headaches for dozens of Denver drivers Sunday.


German heat wave….

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  1. 5 part series on the city plans mde across the country for the destruction as per their Green New Deal and the depopulation and movement of survivors to FEMA Mega Regions SMART Cities

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