Chemtrail Flu – Florida East Coast Hospital Skyrocketing Admissions – Florida Ain’t No Sunshine

Harold Saive – Florida used to be the Sunshine State – now under constant Chemtrail assault.

Florida January 2019

Chemtrail spraying from 4/11/16  It was non-stop, all day long for days. I work in a hospital and can tell you first hand that respiratory, throat, sinuses and skin rashes skyrocketed within 3 days of the heavy spraying.

Satellite  data on 4/11/16 –

Merle Haggard Hates Chemtrails:

3 thoughts on “Chemtrail Flu – Florida East Coast Hospital Skyrocketing Admissions – Florida Ain’t No Sunshine

  1. At the risk of incurring the wrath of chemtrail AND “morgellons” disease deniers, I can tell you that the fibers we morgellon’s victims continually have coming out of our skin come from the aerosols – AKA “chemtrails”. Many years ago coming back from a business trip in DC I happened to find myself in the window seat. Armed with my Droid cell phone I was filming the clouds and other sites when the aircraft began o bank to port. As she did the sun began to shine through the window and as it did, it illuminated the fibers and usual morgellons gunk stuck to the outside of the window… Here is the link to what I saw that day at 30,000 feet plus..

  2. It is true that the only remedy for the overpopulation crisis may be to kill masses off with a heatwave and this may be the true purpose of weather modification techniques such as these observed here. Red alerts have been declared right across Europe and scientists are now saying we have only 18 months to save our planet.

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